Thanks for a Wonderfully Successful Evening ~ See You Next Year!

"Finding Good Fortune, Funding Our Future"

By Leigh Hoftiezer, Auction Chair

Many thanks to the dozens of people who contributed time and energy to help the auction run well, as well as to the many generous donors. Your Auction Team truly could not have done this without you. We are pleased to say the evening was a great financial success, raising over $11,000 in auction sales and nearly $3,600 in our special appeal for safety improvements to the upper parking lot and entrance. 

A lot of work goes into auction planning and preparation but it is very rewarding.  Plans are made and tasks that have clear definition and a firm end date are assigned.  The Auction Team meets only a few times before the event and stays in touch via telephone and email to work out additional details. The current members have worked together for a few years now and have figured out how to successfully handle the tasks, though we are always open to new ideas to improve. If you are thinking you might be interested in joining us, please get in touch with me or Ginny Chiaverina, Dean Johnson, Ruth Duenk or Brian Monroe. Each of us would be glad to welcome you to the team and answer any questions you have.