Jackee Orozco, Renaissance Recognition

Dear Unitarian Church North:

On behalf of the UUA Faith Development Office, we’re delighted to notify you that Jackee Orozco has achieved Renaissance recognition for completing 75 hours of Renaissance training. In addition to a certificate, Jackee will also receive a Renaissance pin to commemorate this milestone.

We hope that this accomplishment will be celebrated by the congregation. I encourage you to place a copy of this letter in Jackee’s personnel file and to ensure that Jackee’s accomplishment is shared broadly within your congregation and beyond.

The Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations greatly appreciates the support congregations provide for the continuing education of religious educators. Thank you for your commitment to strong religious education programming and for nurturing Jackee’s leadership.

Aastha Poudel  |  Professional Development Assistant  |  Ministries and Faith Development


Description of the Modules, by Jackee Orozco

Renaissance Modules are intensive 15 hour courses on topics related to religious education and faith development ministry.  Each course provides a standardized training and ends in the co-creation of resources that can be used in congregations to help with specific, practical needs of congregations.  These courses have been developed in concert with the credentialing program, so that we can continue our learning as professional religious educators.  Coursework and materials created and used in a congregation as a result of course learning are used in the development of a portfolio assessment and formal interview with a panel of religious educators that leads to a title as a Credentialed Religious Educator.  These courses are also open to RE teachers or people interested in using them to help their congregations, but being credentialed as a religious educator requires work experience as a Director of Religious Education.  Each level of credentialing (associate, credentialed, and master) requires a different amount of work experience.


I personally have taken 5 modules including those in UU Identity, Multicultural Education, UU Philosophy, Curriculum Development and Teacher Development.  In addition, I attended Mid-West Leadership School and earned certification as an OWL Facilitator.   All of those trainings will be a part of my portfolio for my certification as a Credentialed Religious Educator which I will earn in February of 2020. After earning that credential I will be able to pursue the title of Master Religious Educator.