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Description: The life that Moses led thousands of years ago, still sheds a light on many of our current situations here at church and has much to teach us as w
Description: How do we make choices that reflect our blessings and confer blessings on others?
Description: Is God made in the image and likeness of humans?  What if God is nothing like the early images and notions that we grew up believing, that many fa
Description: After having been away for a while this summer, I am so looking forward to being with you again.
Description: As Unitarian Universalists, in our long history of viewing science and religion as compatible, we have affirmed a position that is in stark contra
Description: This Sunday explore the power of transcendentalism in Unitarianism Universalism today and how it informs our spiritual practices and churches toda
Description: Ann Grauer has been working with pregnant, birth and new parents for 26 years.
Description: The Rev.
Jennifer Thompson
Description: In this season of weddings, now expanded to include same-sex marriages in nearly half the States, including Wisconsin, we hear a lot about love.
David Stokes
Description: Live animals that enrich our lives in summer. This presentation will be hands-on/minds-on, entertaining, educational and fun, or else.
Pat Morrissey
Description: One of the most precious experiences of life is to discover what your life is about and why you're here.
Rev. Linda Hansen
Description: When Star Trek: The Next Generation ended its television run, author Ursula K.
Candice Haight
Description: We live much of our lives in action and engagement with the world, yet the deeper impact of what happens is registered in the narrative of the hea
Brian Mitchell
Description: UCN Dads share their reflections on parenthood.
Rev. Julie Forest and Rev. Joyce Palmer
Description: Back by popular demand, we will offer a thanksgiving for past pets that have graced our lives.
Rev. Julie Forest and Rev. Joyce Palmer
Description: Today we celebrate our annual Flower Communion, which was created by Norbert Capek (1870-1942), who founded the Unitarian Church in Czechoslovakia
James Galasinski
Description: This sermon will explore the racial and political divides in this country and see how religious communities can do their part to ease these tensio
Rev. Julie Forest, Rev. Joyce Palmer and Ginny Chiaverina
Description: For many people, music and devotion to music has been a path to spiritual enrichment.
Rev. Julie Forest
Description: Historical, archetypal and cartoonish. The Devil crops up in in both Hebrew and Christian scriptures as well as Buddhist texts.
Rev. Julie Forest
Description: Wait, what do you mean? Can atheists even have spirituality? You bet they can. Today we explore what spiritual qualities atheists value.
Description: If there is one thing I learned in seminary, it is that there are multiple ways to think of the divine and a lot of middle ground between theism a
Rev. Julie Forest and Rev. Joyce Palmer
Description: Today we celebrate the words and deeds of the prophet Rachel Carson.
Rev. Julie Forest
Description: If those words or that sentiment does not excite you, you are not alone.
Rev. Lynne Garner
Description: Today we examine the current status of prisons in this country, as well as the broader social implications involved, and what we as Unitaria