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Rev. Julie Forest and Rev. Joyce Palmer
Description: Today we celebrate the words and deeds of the prophet Rachel Carson.
Rev. Julie Forest
Description: If those words or that sentiment does not excite you, you are not alone.
Rev. Lynne Garner
Description: Today we examine the current status of prisons in this country, as well as the broader social implications involved, and what we as Unitaria
Rev. Julie Forest and Rev. Joyce Palmer
Description: Come here some stories about restoration of our earth, our souls and our community.
Rev. Julie Forest
Description: One of our common folk idioms concerning our children is “The apple does not fall far from the tree.” But what happens when the apple is ver
Rev. Julie Forest
Description: As part of our Easter celebration we honor our Christian sources and see how practicing the teaching of Jesus keeps his message alive.
Rev. Julie Forest
Description: Women’s right to adequate health care remains an important issue especially when it comes to reproductive health. Special music by Mary Terr
James Galasinski, Intern Minister
Description: While a small percentage of worry might be beneficial, most worry is toxic to the body, spirit, and mind.
Rev. Julie Forest
Description: What does a living infrastructure look like and why is it sexy?
James Galasinski, Intern Minister
Description: In the 19th and early 20th centuries, both Unitarians and Universa
Rev. Julie Forest
Description: Resilience, that quality of being able to survive and thrive amidst negative experiences or failures, is a spiritual discipline that can be
Rev. Julie Forest
Description: The Buddha taught that morality is the true beauty of a human being and that it is revealed in relationships.
Rev. Julie Forest
Description: Looking at the world with a sense of wonder is not just for children.
James Galasinski, Intern Minister
Description: In this second sermon in a series on the topic courage, we will explore the different ways of being a leader and the challenges of initiating and
Rev. Julie Forest
Description: Willie Nelson: singer, outlaw, husband (married several times) golfer and patriot, to name just a few, has a lot of life experience to share
UCN Congregation
Description: Kick off the new year with great fellowship and fun.
Rick Kastenmeier
Description: The worship team will explore the topic of vulnerability through poems, readings, and video.
Description: All are invited to join us for song, story, scripture and our candle light ritual, as we celebrate the magic of Christmas Eve.
Rev. Joyce Palmer
Description: The service is a celebration of the many reasons we celebrate Christmas.
Rev. Julie Forest
Description: Dark and light do battle in December and so does noise and silence.
Rev. Julie Forest
Description: Transformation into our true selves in the Buddhist tradition has a striking similarity to our understanding as Universalists.
James Galasinski
Description: This will be part 1 of a sermon series on the topic courage.
Rev. Julie Forest and Rev. Joyce Palmer
Description: Join us today as we explore increasing our capacity to share the gifts on our table with those we know and those we have yet to know.
Rev. Julie Forest
Description: Morris Dees founded the Southern Poverty Law Center and has fought for justice even at the risk of his own personal safety.
James Galasinski
Description: We are relational beings that complete ourselves in our connection with each other.