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Description: Jan Crosby will moderate a Community Conversation on July 5th to explore our personal relationship  and meaning to the 7 Principles.
Description: With the help of poetry and stories, we'll explore the wonderful gifts strangers can bring to our community, and why welcoming strangers
Description: Mary Ann Ihm is a woman of boundless energy, idealism and innovative spirit.
Description: Kwabena Antoine Nixon (IKAN) is a motivational leader and poet in the urban community and spoken word movement.   His “Flood the Hood with Dreams”
Description: Using stories and real-life examples, we'll explore the meaning of courage and what helps us to choose courage when we need it.
Description: Milwaukee jazz pianist Tim Clausen spent three years interviewing dozens of longtime male couples across North America about their relat
Description: After two appearances earlier this year, The Reverend Drew Kennedy will return to our pulpit Sunday, May 3.
Description: In the business of life, how do we make space for things holy and spiritual?
Description: This will be our final worship time as minister and congregation.
Description: Amanda Seligman has been a member of UCN since 2002.
Description: Who is resurrection for? As a Universalist, I say it is for everyone and available to everyone.
Description:  There is a growing body of evidence today that suggests Americans are considering themselves less religious, less identifi
Description: The question, “Does God care about who wins football games?” (Aaron Rogers says no, Russell Wilson says yes), will be answered through t
Description: How do we find the courage to be ourselves, to accept ourselves and to love ourselves in the presence of life’s challenges?
Description: Join us for a service centered on respecting differences in personality and ideology from the perspective of a prominent local Rabbi.
Description: James E. Causey is an award winning columnist and blogger for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial Board.
Description: Paul Norton is a practicing Mahayana Buddhist in the tradition
Description: Instead of "a good talking to," most of us really need "a good listening to."  Our hectic schedules don't encourage us to listen deeply
Description: Through a series of engaging stories, please join us as we delve beneath the surface of things to “Treasures and Blessings of a Differen
Description: Poet Robert Hayden once said, “In poetry you are trying to say what cannot be said any other way—and, in some poems, you are trying to s
Description: This quotation from the Dalai Lama has long been a favorite of Linda's.