“Building Beloved Community: Understanding the Challenges of Practicing the Ethic of Love,” Dr. Monique Liston

Love is a complex notion. Our western society has very few words that associate with the forms and types of love that we give, experience and witness. Engaging in Building Beloved Community means that we have to do love. In order to do love, when must understand the challenges of practicing a love ethic and increase our capacity to concern ourselves with love in ways that are conscious and felt.

Dr. Monique Liston. Black Woman.

Monique was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. She attended Howard University in Washington, DC where she obtained a BA in Sociology followed by a MPA from the University of Delaware and a PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She teaches at Marquette University and is proudly the Chief Strategist and Joyful Militant at UBUNTU Research and Evaluation, an organization that embraces Black women’s thought, livelihood and leadership. She finds her spiritual work is in leadership and facilitation.  Monique cannot wait for the masses to rise up in revolutionary love and propose a new system that rejects the notions of the white supremacist capitalist militarist heteropatriarchy so she can focus on her love of food and feeding people. As best as she knows how, she is doing the work that the ancestors set out for her.