“Change the Story, Change the Future,” Earth Day, John Hoff

All humans have a need for coherence in the stories we tell ourselves and each other. What if we wake up to the fact that our current story about time, money, and our Earth is flat-out wrong or at the very least suspect? Join member John Hoff as he shares a new story, one that if embraced by our dominant culture would change everything, including our future. We can indeed have the future we desire.

John is a former corporate executive turned outdoor educator and naturalist 16 years ago and is currently retired.  He has been a UCN member for almost 12 years and has served in numerous roles that include President, Nominating Committee Chair, and he currently serves as Financial Secretary, Green Committee Chair, and long-time member of the Finance Committee.  John has also been a guest in UCN’s pulpit over the past several of years.