“Life of a Peacemaker,” Don Timmerman and Roberta Thurstin

How faith and mystery make one act.

Don Timmerman graduated from Marquette University and thereafter went to Tanzania.  While in Africa for 7 years, he attended seminary and was ordained a priest in 1971.  He helped Mother Theresa with the sick and dying at a hospice.  In 1973, after visiting the Casa Maria, he has stayed with the Catholic Worker House in Milwaukee for 45 years, volunteering, giving hospitality to homeless families, handicapped women and refugees.  He has been involved with various peace groups, Amnesty International, War Tax Resistance, trying to stop wars and weapons.  He writes the newsletter, Casa Cry, and has a memoir book, Midwife of Grace.

Roberta Thurstin has been married to Don for 29 years, his companion in peace work and Casa Maria for 30. She was honored as Peacemaker of the Year some years ago. She and Don have been arrested for nonviolent civil disobedience many times. She is a war tax resister, advocate for a clean environment, and for women and minority rights.