“An Introduction to Islam,” Dr. Mansoor Mirza

Last year when US immigration sanctions first began, the Islamic Society of Sheboygan in Oostburg welcomed UCN’s outreach and invited our members to their mosque’s Iftar, a celebratory community meal served after sundown during Ramadan. New friendships began that night, and a commitment to maintain them. Dr. Mirza has graciously accepted UCN’s invitation to share his Islamic faith with our members today. He plans to introduce the basic beliefs of Islam, and the status of Christian and other religions’ prophets within Islam.  Questions after the presentation will be welcome.

Dr. Mirza is a founder, former president, and current board member of the Islamic Center of Sheboygan, a non-profit organization committed to educate and teach the Muslim and non-Muslim communities about the peaceful religion of Islam.


Members of the Islamic Society of Sheboygan have been invited to join us for a community meal immediately after the July 8 service. If you are able to attend and can bring a dish to pass, please get in touch with Leigh Hoftiezer right away.