“The Well and the Cathedral,” The Rev. Drew Kennedy

What’s spiritual (or religious) about Unitarian Universalism?  Moreover, is UUism legitimately a religion or simply an alternative to religion?  Drawing on an archetypal image from Ira Progoff, a depth psychologist who studied with C. G. Jung and D. T. Suzuki, please join us as our pulpit guest discusses one of the many fruitful ways of understanding what our UU enterprise is religiously, or spiritually, all about.


The Reverend Drew Kennedy has served in the Unitarian Universalist ministry for more than 40 years. Drew is now retired and serves as the Minister Emeritus at the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee. With degrees in philosophy and ministry, Drew has been honored by the Wisconsin ACLU, the Central Midwest District of the Unitarian Universalist Association, and Meadville Lombard Theological School. He has been interviewed by National Public Radio, Wisconsin Public Radio, and ABC World News Report. Drew has also twice been arrested for civil disobedience, but central to his ministry has always been his Sunday morning “Reflections.”  Please join us.