“The World Needs Help and I Can Give It,” Rev. Emmy Lou Belcher

A service for all ages led by DRE Jackee Orozco and Rev. Emmy Lou Belcher.

The title of this service is from Universalist minister Marion Shutter. Facing increasing loss of civil liberties, many of us feel depressed or crippled in response. People we know have shared some helpful tactics for all ages of justice-seekers. Let’s explore and talk together.

Since receiving Fellowship in 1989, Rev. Emmy Lou Belcher has served churches in Lyons, OH; Troy, MI; Traverse City, MI; Morristown, NJ; Naperville, IL; Joliet, IL; and Chicago (Second Unitarian). Before she finished the requirements for ministry, she was the Director of Religious Education for the Detroit UU Church for over six years. Emmy Lou graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Art and Art History. She then completed a teaching certificate at Carthage College and a Master of Religious Studies from the University of Detroit. Always active in social justice, she has served on many boards including Planned Parenthood, the Human Rights Commission of Traverse City, MI. and the Naperville Interfaith Alliance. Working through Meadville Theological School, she has been adjunct faculty and supervised the studies of many students over the years.  She is glad to be with you this morning.