“Waitin’ for the Weekend,” Rev. Jennifer Thomson

The bumper sticker reads, “Unions: The People Who Brought You the Weekend.” Although cookouts have been main Labor Day Weekend events for well over a hundred years, winning the right to the 40-hour work weeks that created “the weekend” was no picnic. As we look forward to the last long weekend of the summer, let’s look back at the people who worked overtime to ensure worker protections, child-labor laws, and even Labor Day Weekend itself. Some guiding principles of these reformers will sound familiar to many of you UUs. Come explore what that might mean to you here and now.

Dr. Jennifer Thomson has been an active UU for 20-some years. As a member of the United UU Congregation, she served on the Worship Committee for 16 years; two 3-year terms on the board; as chair of Stewardship, a bunch of other stuff, and as a choir member. At the same time, she was a single mom to her two daughters, earned a PhD, and taught Freshman English at a bunch of places–at UW-Whitewater since 1997. She completed her MDiv (Master of Divinity) studies at Meadville Lombard Theological School in 2014 and is currently a candidate for UU ministry. More importantly, her 2-year-old granddaughter finally moved to Wisconsin, so she’s much closer now. Warning: Jennifer has pictures. Blog: sunshinedeepwater.blogspot.com