“Divinity Within: Celebrating Diwali,” Rev. Jennifer Thomson

We are social creatures. We respond to those around us; we depend on those around us—and they depend on us. Each person’s goodness kindles goodness in others. Each light, each instance of your divinity within shining out, reaches far beyond you and those you know to feed countless other flames. The Hindu autumn festival of Diwali, aka Deepavali (which means “row of lights”), reminds us to tend to our own inner fires, not only for ourselves, but also so we can let the divinity within shine out and light the path of goodness for others.

Dr. Jennifer Thomson has been an active UU as a member of United UU Congregation of Waukesha (formerly known as United U&U Society of Mukwonago). She earned her PhD in American Literature at Marquette (1996), and taught Freshman English at various colleges and universities–at UW-Whitewater since 1998. Jennifer Graduated from  MDiv (Master of Divinity) studies at Meadville Lombard Theological School 2014, and is currently a candidate for UU ministry.