“After the REsurrection – Then What?” Rev. Sarah Oelberg

Most UUs have difficulty believing in Jesus’ physical resurrection, and therefore tend to substitute Spring stories.  I think there is an important Easter story, but it is not about the supposed actual resurrection, but rather what happened afterward.  This is a story we UUs can embrace and learn from. Special music by Leigh Hoftiezer, David Schleif, Dana Lusk, and Betsy Muellenbach.

Sarah Oelberg has been a special education teacher, has written special ed. curriculum for our U.S. Office of Education, was a faculty member at Yeshiva University in New York and at NYU, and trained special ed. teachers in Iowa.  With all that experience, academia and wisdom under her belt, she followed her heart as the first in her six generation Unitarian family to become a UU minister.  After serving churches in Nebraska and Minnesota, she retired in 2001.  She has been married to Gerald for 56 years.  They raised four children and have six grand- and four great-grandchildren.