“Standing up for Justice,” Judge Rebecca Dallet

Judge Rebecca Dallet’s remarks will be focused on her work over the past two decades serving the people of our state as a prosecutor and judge. She will share her experiences fighting for justice by standing up for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, protecting our rights and values, empowering women, and keeping our communities safe.

Judge Rebecca Dallet has spent the past 23 years serving the people of Wisconsin – first as a prosecutor and now as a circuit court judge in Milwaukee. She made a decision early in her career to help people, choosing to work for those who need their voices heard and those who need justice. That’s why she entered public service.

Over the past decade, she has presided over more than 10,000 cases and 230 jury trials ranging from domestic violence and misdemeanor court, to homicide and drug court, and civil and small claims court. Throughout her career, she has fought to make communities safer and courtrooms more fair. As Associate Dean of the Judicial College, Judge Dallet has spent years helping other judges develop and improve their skills on the bench. Judge Dallet’s thorough knowledge of our justice system and her deep commitment to social justice bring a powerful perspective to her State Supreme Court candidacy.

Rebecca Dallet was raised by a single mom who instilled in her the importance of hard work, justice, and fairness. Today, she and her husband are raising three daughters.