“Veterans Day Service,” Rev. Tony Larsen

With help from some of our UCN members and friends, Tony will lead us in a service to recognize our veterans.  Though some of us may support certain wars and some of us may be against all wars, the truth is that our veterans served their country in our name (since all of us pay taxes to support national defense, whether we approve of a particular military action or not).

Sometimes people see Veterans Day as a way to support war; sometimes people see it as a time to bemoan all war and violence. The option we’re doing this Sunday is neither the former nor the latter. The idea is, rather, that when soldiers go out to serve in the military, they go in our name. It is important for us to hear their stories–not to applaud all of war’s results or to condemn them. Just to hear them. Their stories are too big for them to carry alone; they need to be shared. And that’s what we’ll do this Sunday.