“Walk With Me Among My Homelands: Hear the Echoes of My Ancestors,” Janice Rice

Janice Rice, Ho-Chunk Nation tribal member, invites the congregation to listen and envision a walk amidst the beauty of her ancestral homelands. Learn about the values and teachings of her elders as she shares spiritual experiences from lands and waters of our region.

After a long and distinguished 36 year career, Janice Rice retired from College Library in September, 2015.  Within the libraries, Janice was an active participant in various state and national association committees promoting underrepresented minorities.  She has written book reviews, contributed to books and articles about American Indians and presented at local, state and national conferences.  Janice received several awards, including the UW-Madison and UW-System Outstanding Woman of Color in Education Award in 2009, and the Distinguished Service Award from the American Indian Library Association in 2012.  Currently she is the Chair, Board of Directors for the Ho-Chunk Heritage Center in Madison