Social Justice Committee Minutes, continued

January 12, 2020, 11:20 a.m., Clara Barton Room at UCN
1. Chalice Lighting and Reading
2. Attended by Leigh Hoftiezer, Brian Monroe, SJC Friend Jon Olsen
3. Minutes from December 2019 – Leigh
Approved via email by committee members in attendance, then distributed as a PDF to committee members, friends, and UCN.
4. Summary report on Reparations Workshop at UCN 12/14/2019 – Lucy – tabled to February due to illness
5. Summary report on Kids Matter Informational Session 1/7/2020 – Leigh – attended by nine people, 8 of whom were from UCN. Speaker Jim Hahn from Kids Matter, Inc., gave a thorough description of the training new volunteers undergo as well as refresher training required in subsequent years, work he has done as a child advocate, the support provided by C.A.S.E., and the process required to get a Kids Matter volunteer involved. There is a great need for dedicated volunteers. Their next training session, which requires 30 to 34 hours, will begin January 29, 2020.
6. Project RETURN/Circles of Support – Brian Monroe – tabled to February
From Paul Geenan of First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee (FUSM) Project RETURN is an organization that “helps men and women leaving prison make a positive and permanent return to our community.” It is forming new Circles of Support which gives people returning from prison an opportunity to share their stories as a form of emotional therapy and to be heard.
7. Share the Plate (STP) Update
The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee pamphlets have arrived. The UUSC is our January STP. How are we using these pamphlets? Leigh will remind Carol and Brian to hand them out. Where are the pamphlets now?
Peggy Creer will be submitting a nomination for League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County for the March STP. We will discuss it at the February meeting.
Leigh will be submitting a nomination for Kids Matter for STP.
8. Proposed 8th Principle education – Jackee Orozco will lead a Barn Banter on January 19, 2020 after the service. She may wish to use the anti-racism rubric intended for church members to help them reflect on where their church sits within the questions of the rubric. Leigh will send her PDF of the rubric to Jackee, and will also ask if she needs help with the Barn Banter.
9. 2020-21 UCN Budget
Changes/corrections in the text were made. Brian suggested we add a line item of $300 to contribute to 3 youth registrations for the 2021 General Assembly. Since so few of the committee members were able to attend, the draft budget will be sent out via email and discussed that way. Leigh intends to submit it to the Finance Committee by January 15, 2020.
10. Additional Agenda Topics
Jennifer Wilke has asked to be on the SJC “Friends” list rather than the committee.
Brian Monroe attended the General Assembly organizational meeting on January 11 and reported on what was discussed. His report is below.
Planning Meeting Recap for the UUA GA in Milwaukee 2021
This recap will be part of our “New Business” on the 16 January Leadership Meeting.
On Sat 11 January at the Milwaukee Hilton, 30+ representatives from the SEWUUC congregations along with one church from Madison met with the eight members of the UUA GA Planning Team. Brief introductions were made and Elizabeth ________ from First Unitarian Society will be the volunteer coordinator for GA 2021. She will be in Providence this summer at the Milwaukee GA booth.
The Midwest UUA Region has many congregations and the UUA feels that our proximity will bring in a large number for GA in 2021. Milwaukee is on the map since we are hosting the DNC in July of 2020. The average number of volunteers that will be needed are 250-300 and will be broken down into 5 categories (ex: “Ask Me”, registration, SJ project & public witness, workshop suggestions, etc.). Volunteers willing to commit to 16-20 hours will receive a discount on the registration fee. Older youth will also have and opportunity to volunteer.
GA 2020 is in Providence, RI from 24-28 June. Click this link for the schedule 2020 to get a feel for what 2021 will look like . Registration opened in November and the same will happen for GA 2012. No theme has been selected for 2021 and that will happen after July 2020. The theme will set the focus and that will help to determine the SJ project that will be supported from the Sunday service collections. Depending on attendance (N/C) which is open to the public, funds of $20,000-$50,000 are possible. The SJ nominations will come from our SEWUUC (South East WI UU Congregations) group and with input from the UUA GA planning team one organization will be chosen.
Another benefit from the GA is the great PR about UUA(s) inclusiveness, standing on the side of love, BLM2UUs, our principles and SJ focus. This often leads to more visitors and potential members visiting the SEWUUC congregations. Some local church members may even host guests and the dollars collected become part of a fundraiser for that church. The UUA team suggested that we might want to budget funds in order to offset the registration for youth. The new registration will allow applicants to make payments towards registration.
I was very happy that two UUA volunteers visited UCN for our Sunday service and were very complimentary about our hospitality, lay led service and our “Portrait Gallery”. I am hopeful that our members will be willing and able to participate in GA 2021 as attendees, ambassadors, and or volunteers. More updates to follow as this planning moves forward.

Respectfully Yours, Brian
Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer, Chairperson
Next SJC meeting February 9, 11:20 a.m., Clara Barton Room at UCN.

December 8, 2019, 11:20 a.m., Clara Barton Room at UCN
Attended by Leigh Hoftiezer, Craig Matheus, Rev. Tony Larsen, Carol Pawlak, Sherryl Andrus, Brian Monroe, Lucy Friedrichs, Jackee Orozco

1. Chalice Lighting and Reading
2. Check in
3. Minutes from November 2019 – Leigh
They were approved last month via email by committee members in attendance, then distributed as a PDF to committee members, friends, and UCN.
4. Reparations Workshop at UCN 12/14/2019, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. – Lucy
Set up of the sanctuary – 2 long rectangular tables and one for donations for community partner organizations that are not registered 501©3. The childcare group has asked us to provide opportunity to donate in their name, with the money going to a breast feeding support group.
Must be done Saturday morning, 12/14, because there is a Wis. Singers Songwriters Series concert at UCN on Friday night, 12/13. Four semicircles in back, regular seating in the rest of the sanctuary. 45 people are registered as of 12/8/19 Arrive at 12:15 to set up – Sherryl and George, Leigh

Hospitality- Lucy will ask people
Leigh will set up with Carol Pawlak and make coffee
Registration table staff in North Lobby – Leigh
Greeters, door locked on both levels after 1:15 (post a sign directing people to enter through the west door), tech support (for microphones, digital projector – Mark Ludwig) Carol and George will greet at the doors downstairs and upstairs
Lucy is working on all of the accessibility issues.
5. Kids Matter Informational Session 1/7/2020, 6:30 p.m. – Leigh
Leigh sent out notifications to Bridge the Divide, WISDOM, Forward Action Wisconsin Network (FAWN), Milwaukee Refugee Community. Peggy Creer is handling other publicity, notification of area UU churches.
Hospitality? Leigh will ask First Sunday Lunch organizer to leave any finger food-type leftovers from Jan. 5 so they can be served. Lucy will bring food, Leigh will bring cold drink
Greeters? Carol will greet or find one or two
Registration? (Kids Matter may handle this. Leigh will find out.)
6. Project RETURN/Circles of Support – Brian Monroe
From Paul Geenan of First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee (FUSM) Project RETURN is an organization that “helps men and women leaving prison make a positive and permanent return to our community.” It is forming new Circles of Support which give people returning from prison an opportunity to share their stories as a form of emotional therapy and to be heard. Question: can we promote it in the Northliner to get more volunteers? Committee votes YES
7. Share the Plate Update
The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee pamphlets have arrived. The UUSC is our January STP. The pamphlets will be put out on visitors table with “free bookmark” sign, and an article will discuss them in the Northliner
PortFish, Ltd. Jean Woodmansee was able to confirm that PortFish actually is a non-profit organization, 501(C)3. Their program service is “Continuing the public education of aquaponics and the benefit to the community.” Since the work they do is part of environmental justice, the committee tentatively approves pending review of the nomination form. Leigh will ask Jean to fill out nomination form so we have more information about the business. Final vote tabled until January 12, 2020 meeting.
8. From the Leadership Board meeting held December 5, 2019
Jackee Orozco asked if the SJC had made any progress toward exploring the idea of the 8th Principle and providing discussion opportunities for the congregation (see below). Leigh promised to add it to today’s agenda.
From June 2019 SJC Minutes:
During discussion of the BLM2WUUs rubric entitled “Racial Justice in UU Congregations,” UCN members Lucy Friedrichs, Brian Monroe, Leigh Hoftiezer, Jennifer Wilke and Jackee Orozco, who had attended the BLM2WUU workshop where this was introduced, agreed on the following points related to the UUA’s proposition to adopt an 8th Principle.
Mission & Purpose (on rubric): Suggestions offered to more clearly articulate the churches vision and mission. To accompany the phrase “Beloved Community” in a prominent way on the website with its definition. To offer a Deeper Dive Service around the idea of Beloved Community ideally on September 22nd involving Rev. Tony Larsen. (Jackee will explore this idea with Tony and bring it back to this group). To follow that service with a Barn Banter exploring the idea of the 8th principle. (Can we propose this at the next Board meeting?) Lucy suggested, “have the Leadership Board work on the ‘Racial Justice in UU Congregations’ rubric first, either in their scheduled meeting or in a separate session. That way they’ll get a better idea of what we’re talking about. (At some point, I suppose the whole congregation could work on it, online, or in a barn banter.)
“8th Principle: “We, the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association, covenant to affirm and promote: journeying toward spiritual wholeness by working to build a diverse multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.”
1st Board discussion and approval on Jan. 16 meeting 2nd Tony’s service related to Welcoming Community, Barn Banter on Jan. 19 3rd Saturday workshop
Make rubric available through Northliner link, printed copies for Barn Banter and workshop
(rubric was provided for attendees of the Dec. 8 SJC meeting)
9. Recently attended by UCN members:
NAACP Freedom Fund dinner Nov. 14
Ozaukee County Board of Supervisors meeting (advising on ballot issue re: gerrymandering) Dec. 4
Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee luncheon Dec. 5
10. Unlock the Vote discussion – Tony
Allowing recently released prisoners to vote before parole requirements are satisfied.
Consider how to handle this – barn banter, Sunday service, additional outside event?
Leigh will find timeframe for the question. Sherryl can get speakers’ information from a League of Women Voters meeting she attended. Tabled discussion for January meeting
Next SJC meeting January 12, 11:20 a.m., Clara Barton Room at UCN.

November 10, 2019, 11:20 – 12:45, Clara Barton Room at UCN
Attended by – Leigh Hoftiezer, Lucy Friedrichs, Jean Woodmansee, Carol Pawlak, Sherryl Andrus, Jon Olson, Vince Senski, Rev. Tony Larsen, Craig Matheus, Brian Monroe

Chalice Lighting and Reading – Leigh Hoftiezer

Minutes – October 2019 minutes Leigh approved by committee

Share the Plate Jean Woodmansee
* Amnesty International (December nominee) – information was sent to committee via email last
week. Nominated by Jean and Tony APPROVED
* Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) (January nominee) Nominated by Jean Paperwork to be completed by Jean APPROVED
* United Negro College Fund (February nominee) Nominated by Pat Kotecki. Paperwork to be completed by Jean. APPROVED
* PortFish Ltd. (new information gathered) Not a current 501©(3) tabled until the owners update their 501©(3) status with the IRS.
* Kids Matter, Inc. Leigh will nominate for March 2020.

WUUSAN Vince Senski
They are officially a 501©(3). We need a new representative since Vince will be moving in May, and will be away on vacation before that. WUUSAN is asking UU churches to organize dinner meetings of area groups who are working on social justice issues.
Contact person for short-notice social justice activities needed. Sherryl Andrus will do it.

NAACP Brian Monroe
Freedom Fund Dinner on Nov. 15 update. UCN has at least 1 ½ tables reserved. If any more people wish to attend, go to the EventBrite listing and sign up there.
Fund for Social Justice Lucy Friedrichs
Nomination forms on the table in the north lobby, are due January 15. Lucy has begun submitting articles in the Northliner to request nominations.

Seven UCN members went to the MICAH annual meeting last month. Impressions: A large mix of different religions, diverse beliefs, working toward the same several goals. MICAH seems to be more “up” right now, more successful. Grateful to see so many congregations coming together and finding solutions to problems.

Reparations Workshop for UUs on Saturday December 14th, from 1-4 pm here at UCN. This is intended only for the 5 churches that make up BLM2WUU. We will have childcare (Milwaukee Childcare Collective) for groups doing social justice activities. The event will be listed on EventBrite so that information about childcare needs can be determined. We are encouraged to have lots of fellow UCN members attend. Drinks and small snacks will be provided.
Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee Luncheon Brian
Brian is on the Interfaith Conference Board, representing SEWUUC. Their annual luncheon/speaker meeting will be held on Thursday, Dec. 5, at Italian Community Center. Tickets are $49 each. From the flyer: Pardeep Singh Kaleka & Arno Michaelis IV The powerful story of a friendship between two men – one Sikh and one skinhead – that resulted in an outpouring of love. Following the Sikh Temple tragedy, they co-founded the Serve 2 Unite mission. In defiance of one of the deadliest hate crimes committed in a place of worship, Arno and Pardeep force us to reexamine our own personal relationship to healing the wounds of the past and moving beyond coexistence.

Kids Matter Informational Session Leigh
(Tabled from October meeting)
* Scheduled for January 7, 6:30 p.m. in UCN sanctuary
* Open to the public. Advertising/promotional materials are needed.
* Partners in social justice work (such as, Bridge the Divide and Nurturing Diversity Partners) will be
personally invited. Any other suggestions? Wisdom Leigh will contact them.
* Brian Monroe will set up an EventBrite listing for the event.
* Congregational support needed for greeting and hospitality. Leigh will submit a Northliner article
about the event and request help.

Welcoming Congregation – Anna Booth
Anna is stepping down because of a lack of time and energy to dedicate to the committee. She will be missed. Craig Matheus was asked to consider stepping in as Welcoming Congregation coordinator.

USPS mail received at UCN – Carol Pawlak The mail pertaining to Share the Plate was given to Jean Woodmansee. Most of that is a repeat request for funds after organizations received our Share the Plate donation in the past. In addition, we received thank you notes which were posted on the Fellowship Hall bulletin board after the meeting. No other mail was received.

Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer, Chairperson