Social Justice Committee Minutes, continued

November 10, 2019, 11:20 – 12:45, Clara Barton Room at UCN
Attended by – Leigh Hoftiezer, Lucy Friedrichs, Jean Woodmansee, Carol Pawlak, Sherryl Andrus, Jon Olson, Vince Senski, Rev. Tony Larsen, Craig Matheus, Brian Monroe

Chalice Lighting and Reading – Leigh Hoftiezer

Minutes – October 2019 minutes Leigh approved by committee

Share the Plate Jean Woodmansee
* Amnesty International (December nominee) – information was sent to committee via email last
week. Nominated by Jean and Tony APPROVED
* Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) (January nominee) Nominated by Jean Paperwork to be completed by Jean APPROVED
* United Negro College Fund (February nominee) Nominated by Pat Kotecki. Paperwork to be completed by Jean. APPROVED
* PortFish Ltd. (new information gathered) Not a current 501©(3) tabled until the owners update their 501©(3) status with the IRS.
* Kids Matter, Inc. Leigh will nominate for March 2020.

WUUSAN Vince Senski
They are officially a 501©(3). We need a new representative since Vince will be moving in May, and will be away on vacation before that. WUUSAN is asking UU churches to organize dinner meetings of area groups who are working on social justice issues.
Contact person for short-notice social justice activities needed. Sherryl Andrus will do it.

NAACP Brian Monroe
Freedom Fund Dinner on Nov. 15 update. UCN has at least 1 ½ tables reserved. If any more people wish to attend, go to the EventBrite listing and sign up there.
Fund for Social Justice Lucy Friedrichs
Nomination forms on the table in the north lobby, are due January 15. Lucy has begun submitting articles in the Northliner to request nominations.

Seven UCN members went to the MICAH annual meeting last month. Impressions: A large mix of different religions, diverse beliefs, working toward the same several goals. MICAH seems to be more “up” right now, more successful. Grateful to see so many congregations coming together and finding solutions to problems.

Reparations Workshop for UUs on Saturday December 14th, from 1-4 pm here at UCN. This is intended only for the 5 churches that make up BLM2WUU. We will have childcare (Milwaukee Childcare Collective) for groups doing social justice activities. The event will be listed on EventBrite so that information about childcare needs can be determined. We are encouraged to have lots of fellow UCN members attend. Drinks and small snacks will be provided.
Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee Luncheon Brian
Brian is on the Interfaith Conference Board, representing SEWUUC. Their annual luncheon/speaker meeting will be held on Thursday, Dec. 5, at Italian Community Center. Tickets are $49 each. From the flyer: Pardeep Singh Kaleka & Arno Michaelis IV The powerful story of a friendship between two men – one Sikh and one skinhead – that resulted in an outpouring of love. Following the Sikh Temple tragedy, they co-founded the Serve 2 Unite mission. In defiance of one of the deadliest hate crimes committed in a place of worship, Arno and Pardeep force us to reexamine our own personal relationship to healing the wounds of the past and moving beyond coexistence.

Kids Matter Informational Session Leigh
(Tabled from October meeting)
* Scheduled for January 7, 6:30 p.m. in UCN sanctuary
* Open to the public. Advertising/promotional materials are needed.
* Partners in social justice work (such as, Bridge the Divide and Nurturing Diversity Partners) will be
personally invited. Any other suggestions? Wisdom Leigh will contact them.
* Brian Monroe will set up an EventBrite listing for the event.
* Congregational support needed for greeting and hospitality. Leigh will submit a Northliner article
about the event and request help.

Welcoming Congregation – Anna Booth
Anna is stepping down because of a lack of time and energy to dedicate to the committee. She will be missed. Craig Matheus was asked to consider stepping in as Welcoming Congregation coordinator.

USPS mail received at UCN – Carol Pawlak The mail pertaining to Share the Plate was given to Jean Woodmansee. Most of that is a repeat request for funds after organizations received our Share the Plate donation in the past. In addition, we received thank you notes which were posted on the Fellowship Hall bulletin board after the meeting. No other mail was received.

Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer, Chairperson