Social Justice Committee Minutes


Clara Barton Room – 11:20

Attended by:  Leigh Hoftiezer,Chairperson, Lucy Friedrichs, Brian Monroe, Eric Machinist, visitor


Ill:  Jennifer Wilke, Sherryl Andrus  Away: Carol Pawlak, Anna Booth, Vince Senski


Reading and Check In


Minutes – No meeting was held in May, 2019 so there are no minutes to approve.


Share the Plate leadership change – Leigh Hoftiezer

* Jennifer Wilke is unable to continue but has information on two nominees that could be

approved for July and August.  No info received from her yet, as of 6/8/19.

* Carol Pawlak has volunteered to share responsibility for this.

* Who else is interested in doing this service work?

* Options:  SJC Friends group, Finance Comm., new members?

* Jennifer has been asked to update recipients’ list with amounts raised since the latest we

H ave is through November 2018.

* Old Business from last meeting (April 2019) Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan (nominated by Brian Monroe) tabled as we find out whether they discriminate against LGBTQ community. The committee did vote to approve LSS for Share the Plate and Brian determined they do not discriminate against the LGBTQ community.


Black Lives Matter to Wisconsin UUs – Lucy Friedrichs

*May 4 meeting at UUCW with 2 ministers working with the UUA and members/ministers from five local UU churches.

*Attended by Lucy, Brian, Leigh, Jennifer, Jackee Orozco

*One of the key activities and discussions we had involved use of a rubric entitled

“Racial Justice in UU Congregations.”  The five UCN members who attended the

meeting at UUCW decided to meet again to compare our own perspectives on the 15 categories listed.  The minutes from that meeting as we reviewed the rubric:


Public Witness & Prophetic Voices:

We are showing increased support and representation at events.  We should continue to encourage this by offering avenues for people to become aware of ways to become involved.


Mission & Purpose:

Suggestions offered to more clearly articulate the churches vision and mission.

To accompany the phrase “Beloved Community” in a prominent way on the website with its definition.

To offer a Deeper Dive Service around the idea of Beloved Community ideally on September 22nd involving Tony Larsen. (Jackee will explore this idea with Tony and bring it back to this group).

To follow that service with a Barn Banter exploring the idea of the 8th principle.  (Can we propose this at the next Board meeting?)  Lucy suggested, “have the Leadership Board work on the ‘Racial Justice in UU Congregations’ rubric first, either in their scheduled meeting or in a separate session. That way they’ll get a better idea of what we’re talking about. (At some point, I suppose the whole congregation could work on it, online, or in a barn banter.)



Jackee will ask the Worship Committee to discuss this piece of the rubric at the next worship meeting.



Small Group/Pastoral Care:

Jackee will pass this information onto Karen and ask Lay Pastoral care for suggestions regarding training they might want/need on this section.  Also, will discuss with Tony.


RE Adults:

We will make this a more active focus.  Jackee will ask SJ to coordinate with her so that she can offer complimentary space for discussions on Social Justice issues.


RE Kids/Youth:

Currently rocking this.  We will keep moving forward.



Awesome.  Here are some that we have so far:  MICAH, Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee, Bridge the Divide, NAACP, Nurturing Diversity Partners, Black Holocaust Museum, BLM2WUU.

Organize a tour, meal, discussion with the BHM.  (Social Justice Committee?)



8th principle is an opportunity to do this.  Jackee will discuss with Tony.   See steps under Mission and Purpose.   Jackee will look for UU identity curriculum to use with adults that encompasses ARAOMC in a prominent way.



No additional action needed at this time.



??? We are in the middle??? Not sure what is actionable here at this time.


Communication Style?

Lots here, but perhaps other things need to come first.


Membership and Welcoming:

Brian to talk with Finance about question about Membership “buy in” being purely financial or offering a place for volunteering and engagement over financial contribution.


Hard to gauge with so few employees.  Need to be aware that UUA has within it systemic bias and embedded white supremacist culture that we may need to challenge at times rather than just accepting without question.


Administration:  ??



Ask organizations for lists of People of Color owned businesses in our community that we could use as a go to list for purchasing.  (This could also include restaurants and other places for social gathering).



The next BLM2WUU meeting at UUCW will be June 13.  Lucy has asked Jackee to go with


Rev. Tony Larsen may be helping UCN get involved in Beloved Community work since he had experience with this in Racine, at his former church.


Black Lives Matter

Update west lobby display? Lucy will set up a date with the Deeper Dives group to begin the

process. Leigh will contact additional interested people to have us meet to discuss



Bridge the Divide lectures at Concordia – Lucy

Final lecture will be this Tuesday, June 11


MICAH celebration – Lucy

One of the best ones Lucy has ever been to.  A few others from UCN also attended.


Fund for Social Justice

Transfer of funds to UCN’s checking account, from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, has

taken place.  Once a check is written, Lucy will make arrangements to deliver it to MICAH, this

year’s recipient.  A few others from the committee could also attend if interested.


WUUSAN – Vince Senski

The Building Unity group, led by Tim Cordon, continues to be the main focus at this point of

WUUSAN.  As discussed at our last SJC meeting, Building Unity would be adding too much to

our plate and would overlap things the SJC and UCN are doing already, so we are not

engaged actively in Building Unity.  I will continue to get correspondence from WUUSAN and

Building Unity, and if there are activities that the SJC or UCN can be involved in I will pass

those along.


Opt-In Email List – Vince

Approved by Leadership Board April 18, 2019

We currently have 15 members signed up… I have all the names and email addresses in a

contact group called Social Action Activity.  I will get an email out to all those signed up using

the contact group so that anybody signed up can contact everybody else in the group (to

arrange carpooling or other needs)

During the meeting on June 9, it was suggested that Vince add a text option since many

people respond to text messages more quickly than email.



Preparations for “The Rape of Recy Taylor” – Brian Monroe

Scheduled for morning of Sept. 21, 2019

9:00am Volunteer Arrival

9:30am Guest Arrival

9:50am Introductions and Survey Instructions

10:00am-11:30am Screening

11:30am-11:45am Survey reminder & Break

11:45am-12:30pm Talkback and Discussion

UCN volunteers we will need:

2 at registration

1 for AV

2-3 as greeters

2-3 for snacks and refreshments (could also be the greeters)


It is being sponsored by LOTUS and Oz. Co. NAACP, with NAACP donations going to LOTUS.


Brian is working on getting a talkback speaker lined up.  Dawn Helmrich, a white woman

who endured kidnapping, rape, gunshot and a beating by several black boys and has gone on

to be an excellent speaker on this topic, was recommended to him by Rachel Monaco-Wilcox,

CEO and Founder of LOTUS.  Lucy and Leigh expressed concern that the speaker is not from

the Black community and may not represent the key issue presented in the movie.  Since

NAACP is paying for film so they have input on who the speaker will be.  Brian will ask Erica

Turner, Reggie Jackson, Fran for suggestions on Black woman speaker.


Publicity: Brian will put it on EventBrite and enlist the help of Peggy Creer (Communications

Committee) for advertising in the press, communities, and learning institutions.  Leigh will find

out if she contacts local high schools already and will offer to get in touch with the contacts if

needed (Homestead, Cedarburg, Nicolet, Grafton, Saukville, Port Washington).



Charter for Compassion – Sherryl will provide information for our next meeting.


Summer meeting schedule  August 11


Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer, Chairperson


Clara Barton – 11:30 am
Minutes – Leigh
Attended by Vince Senski, Sherryl Andrus, Jennifer Wilke, Lucy Friedrichs, Leigh Hoftiezer, Brian Monroe

Brian Monroe Discuss support/hosting of the screening of “The Rape of Rekey Taylor.” The Oz Co. Branch of the NAACP has offered to sponsor the $350.00 for the cost of the rental. I’ll coordinate the Eventbrite and marketing. Based on all of the other SJ items on the calendar, I’m proposing a Saturday in September when college students are back and family vacations are over. Committee agreed to host a screening on Sept. 21, in the morning. Brian will coordinate publicity.

Leigh Hoftiezer
Counter protest at UUCW. Seven people from UCN attended this peaceful counter-protest against a Catholic group who felt compelled to protest against the “Drag Queen Story Hour” taking place at UUCW.

Short-term notice for social action events
Opt-in email list, Vince would manage it. It would be solely for participatory events, where physical presence would help, that we learn about too late for the Northliner (less than 1 week out). Leigh will talk to Leadership Board at next meeting (April 18).

Film Series Wrap-up
The initial flyer had too much information for easy reading but we honored directions given to us by Bridge the Divide. About 45 people attended on April 13.
Donations for Bridge the Divide in basket at food table. In all, approximately 170 people attended.
To Lucy for coffee supplies (about $31)
To Mark Ludwig for technical support (send $120 to Mark)

Saukville Community Meal
Sherryl Andrus will visit (Leigh will send Karen’s contact info.)
Reschedule May Meeting

Black Lives Matter
– Update west lobby display? Deeper Dives participants only. Lucy will set up a date with
the group to begin the process.
– BLM2WUU – meeting last Thursday, April 11. We need to talk about internal change as
well as external activity.
– May 4 workshop at UUCW with UUA reps, 1-5 p.m. Four people have signed up
already (Lucy, Leigh, Jennifer Wilke, Brian Monroe), room for four more UCN members.
Vince is interested, may want to go with wife Susan. Lucy will confirm.
– 4-part lecture/discussion series at Concordia University. Register through EventBrite.
See Northliner for more information.
– Review of “Forgiveness: The gift of our wounds” Lucy will write up report about the
lecture she attended and will be buying the book they wrote of the same name.
– Dontre Day on April 27 at Red Arrow Park in Milwaukee, where he was killed.
Volunteers are needed to serve food, do other legwork. Lucy will write Northliner

– Madison Action Day 2019
– Donor Appreciation Breakfast
– May gathering May 23 Annual Celebration (reception 6 p.m., heavy appetizers, award
Program, introduction of new organizer) Northliner article will be written by Lucy. It
will take place at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church 1615 Wauwatosa Av., Wauwatosa
Share The Plate – Jennifer
Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan (nominated by Brian Monroe)
tabled as we find out whether they discriminate against LGBTQ community. May be approved
for May Share the Plate.
Women Demand Action (Coming of Age class nomination) tabled: Jennifer will ask Megan
Smith for more information about how/where the money will be used.
Charter for Compassion – Sherryl will provide information for our next meeting.

WUUSAN Update Vince Senski
Vince and Brian Monroe went to a WUUSAN meeting on April 13. The discussion was over
blending of another social action group, for the state of Wisconsin. Jim Black, president of
WUUSAN in Madison area was there. It would connect all 32 UU congregations in Wisconsin
to address a particular social justice issue. Focus on information for the congregants and
member churches, take action through elected officials. WUUSAN is still developing but has
non-profit status. Feedback from congregations is needed on what we think the big social
action issues are for the state.
Building Unity is a group that encourages groups working for social justice to meet monthly at a
potluck meal, with the intention of getting to know one another and learn about the efforts
each group is making.

Mail – UCN received a letter from a prisoner who would like to establish a relationship with a
church member. He also is asking for funds to purchase shoes and other items. Sherryl will
take a look at it with her husband, then together they will decide whether to write to this
Thank you note display: Leigh created a colorful folder for thank you notes to be held in, on
the committee bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall. Suggest that the notes be only 6-months
or less since being received.
Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer, Chairperson

March 10, 2019, 11:20 – Clara Barton Room at UCN
Attended by Carol Pawlak, Lucy Friedrichs, Leigh Hoftiezer.
MINUTES from last meeting – reviewed by Leigh, approved by committee
Discussion of film event on Saturday (March 9)
Gettin’ Grown, first of 4-film multi-cultural film series brought to us through partnership with Bridge the Divide, Cedarburg, and supported by a Wisconsin Humanities Council grant.
Great movie, great talk back, ample support from UCN volunteers
Make 2 regular coffee urns, 1 decaf
Leigh and Carol to make sign for UCN outside to promote the films
Leigh will send Arranged poster (film #2) to SEWUUC and Lyn for distribution
About 45 people attended, some saw Ozaukee Press article, some received info from their churches.
Lucy will ask Peggy about other press announcements.
Balloons tied to post at road were eye-catching.
Annual Report Planning
Brian will handle Ozaukee Co. NAACP, will work with Lucy
Lucy will do MICAH, Fund for Social Justice, BLM2WUUs
(Looking for new person to do Fund for Social Justice – Leigh will ask Sherryl Andrus if interested)
Anna Booth – Welcoming Congregation
Jennifer Wilke – Share the Plate
Deadline April 2
Leigh will ask Anna to write an article about the LGBTQ response to the UU World article “After L, G, and B” published in Spring 2019 issue
Report from Leadership Board meeting – Leigh
More youth involvement was suggested by R.E. Director Jackee Orozco
Jackee Orozco can ask youth to send out flyers about the movie series. Leigh will forward posters as they arrive.
BLM2WUU – Lucy
The next meeting will be March 21, 5:30 – 7:30 at UUCW. The group is thinking about whether to have another big event somewhere, should each church just do their own thing and invite others to participate. They are aware of our multi-cultural film series.
“Blood is at the Doorstep” film to be shown at one of the UU churches. Lucy will put article in the Northliner.
Share The Plate – Jennifer – ill and absent
Hoping to get an expected nomination in the mail. Vote via email.
MAIL: suggest offering mail we are done with to youth as an educational opportunity
Next meeting April 14, Clara Barton room, promptly at 11:30 a.m.
Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer, Chairperson

Wednesday, January 16, 2019
6:45 pm, Emerson Room
(Meeting moved to accommodate Barn Banter on regular meeting day)
Attended by Carol Pawlak, Jennifer Wilke, Anna Booth, Leigh Hoftiezer
Chalice Lighting & Reading
Approve minutes Leigh – December minutes, with correction, approved by committee
Budget Leigh
Use of current funds
* The committee decided to use some of our budget to purchase refreshments for the January 27 screening of “This is Home.” Leigh will find out how many people have signed up through Eventbrite (Brian Monroe has info), will purchase and deliver refreshments.
* Discussion took place regarding donating an additional $200 to MICAH, supplementing the $600 we donate annually to the organization. Lucy Friedrichs will be consulted on this question.
* Discussion also included donating $50 each to the Refugee Support Community Sheboygan and the Milwaukee Refugee Supporters. Leigh will find out how to do that. Additional idea – pass a collection basket during the January 27 screening, with collected funds shared with those two organizations.
Plan for 2019-2020 budget
* It was suggested we add hospitality expenses for in-house events to Category 1 (Educational Workshops)
* It was suggested we add $150 to Category 4 (Outreach/Travel Expenses) since we anticipate participation in the Wis. UU Social Action Network next year.
Fund For Social Justice Lucy *One nomination for the UCN Fund for Social Justice was received by the final submission date of Jan. 15th. We can work on that at our next meeting, as we have until the congregational meeting in May to finalize that with the congregation.
Bridge the Divide Lucy *The approval, or disapproval, for the WI Humanities Council grant for the Film Series that we are hosting for Bridge the Divide and Nurturing Diversity Partners, will be determined, at the earliest, on Feb. 15th. *There is a get-together for all BLM2WUU Deeper Dive participants (from all the area UU churches), at UUCW, on Feb. 10th, from 2-4pm. Those of you who are involved should have gotten an email to that effect. If you didn’t, please let Lucy know.
Share the Plate Jennifer
January – Milwaukee Justice Center, currently running
February – Prison Mindfulness Institute – replace with Restoring Our Communities Wisconsin? Jennifer will discuss with Lucy to see if she approves since ROC is a program supported by MICAH and we already donate to MICAH on an annual basis.
Bail Project – revolving fund in 2 dozen cities, but not Milwaukee. Nominator has not provided any further information. Instead, Jennifer found Restoring Our Communities (ROC) Wisconsin, which is funded through WISDOM.
Leigh will ask Amber Elsner-Miller if there is financial oversight from an outside organization.
Peggy Creer has asked if the Coming of Age class could nominate a STP for June. We approved.
Wisconsin Unitarian Universalist Social Action Network (WUUSAN) Vince Senski
* Vince told Leigh he participated in the teleconference on January 8, 2019, listening and learning about the organization. Art Thexton (UUCW?) will be organizing the SEUUC members in the future as we determine what issues we wish to focus on, and how that will be done. Vince agreed to be UCN’s representative in WUUSAN.
Active Voices Powerful Postcard Project, First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis and MUUSJA (flyer received at UCN)
*Carol may listen to First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis webinar about sending postcards on focused issues. Webinar will be January 29, 2019 7-8:30 pm
Informing UCN Members and Friends about Social Justice Efforts
* We would like to get things posted on UCN webpage. Jennifer will find out how to update the website and will do so for the SJC.
* Leigh will ask Peggy who is doing Facebook updates now and report to committee. Brian Sara seems to no longer be doing it.
Jan. 24 At the Leadership Board meeting, Leigh will report on the UUA Statement of Conscience input from the congregation, regarding Democracy Uncorrupted.
Jan. 27 Presentation of “This is Home”
Black History Month: Barn banter on Feb. 10
Speaker: Paul H. Geenen, author of “Milwaukee Bronzville 1900-1950”
Next meeting will be Feb. 17, Clara Barton room
Next meeting discuss non-501c3 organizations as STP recipients, proposal to Board.
Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer, Chairperson
Approved by committee meeting attendees via email.

December 9, 2018, 11:30, Quiet Room at UCN
Attended by committee members Leigh Hoftiezer, Jennifer Wilke, Lucy Friedrichs, Brian Monroe,
Carol Pawlak. Also attended by visitor Janet Crosby, one of the Deeper Dives attendees from
October and November 2018.
MINUTES Leigh had sent out draft to the committee a couple days before. Approved as
BLM2WUU- Lucy & Brian
Lucy wrote to Ann Heidcamp to say we met last Sunday, and asked for guidance on whether to go
ahead on our own or to wait for the larger group. Ann’s response was: talk about the
collaboration and how we can help the larger community. She also said we could pursue our
own BLM2WUU project(s), but to try to keep them within the context of the information included
here. How can collaboration help the 5 SEWUUC churches?
The Hate You Give at the Rivoli Theater, was attended by 10 UCN members. Discussion
afterward was that it seemed very real.
Brian Bunzel and Brian Monroe discussed having the film here, but it may be too expensive since
it is still playing in commercial theaters.
Proposed Theme for Feb – Black History Month
“Milwaukee’s Bronzeville” posters may be displayed. Brian will ask Worship Committee
for permission and for a blurb to be provided during announcements. Will write up Northliner
invite to view the posters in the sanctuary. Author Paul Geene will be invited to a Barn Banter
Feb. 10 to discuss the history.
We will need to reschedule the February SJC meeting because of the conflict on Feb. 10.
Bridge the Divide -Brian
Working on a grant or in kind contributions for Ozaukee and Washington County for work with
Nurturing Diversity Partners – show a group of films made by people of color.
We will offer that we host an event at UCN specifically regarding Wi Humanities Council and
Bridge the Divide. Lucy and Brian Monroe will follow through with Erica Turner from Bridge
the Divide and Dr. Fran Kaplan from Nurturing Diversity Partners to offer in-kind support of
their efforts as they apply for a grant from the Wis. Humanities Council. Lucy and/or Brian will cc the SJC.
NORTHLINER communications
Jennifer would like to provide information on the UCN website (with reminder in the Northliner) that gives meetings and educational opportunities for anyone who has interest. She will discuss with Peggy Creer and Lyn Gust to learn how to update the website.
Brian Monroe will submit “social justice thought of the week” to the Northliner.
Ozaukee Co NAACP Lucy
Thirteen UCN members attended Freedom Fund dinner. Great speaker, Xavier Ramey from Justice Informed, was invited by Brian Monroe, who had heard him speak at a Rotary Club convention.
Brian Monroe will now be UCN’s representative in the Ozaukee Co NAACP.
“This Is Home” Jan 27, 2019 Leigh
Brian will set up the showing through Event Brite as a free event so that we have an idea how many people to expect. We are hoping to have a Syrian speaker and 2 volunteers who work with refugee families. Childcare will be provided by Constance and Matthew Fiske. Leigh will do Northliner and pulpit announcements.
Share The Plate Jennifer
The new nomination form needs to go on the website. Jennifer will talk to Lyn Gust about it.
The Bail Project in California nominated by Nancy Neumann. Jennifer will look into whether there is a statewide group for this project, perhaps through Wisdom.
Milwaukee Justice Center approved for January
Prison Mindfulness Institute approved for February
We need to write policy on 501c3 and submit to Board.
Leigh & Jennifer would like to get to know other SEWUUC Social Justice Committee members. Perhaps after the holidays we can pursue this.
Refugee support connection – Leigh will submit articles for the Northliner to note opportunities to help refugees in Southeast Wisconsin.
The committee is supportive of the activity. We are looking for someone to take it on at UCN.
Our next meeting will be Sunday, January 13, 11:30, in the Clara Barton room downstairs.
Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer, Chairperson

November 11, 2018
11:20 Clara Barton Room
Attended by Leigh Hoftiezer, Carol Pawlak, Vicki Fuerstenau, Lucy Friedrichs, Jennifer Wilke, Anna Booth
MINUTES Leigh presented. Committee approved Draft 2
READING: by Carol Pawlak
MICAH Forward Lucy
Rev. Joe Ellwanger and Joyce Ellwanger led a meeting on Thursday, Nov. 8, 7 p.m. Attended by Lucy Friedrichs, Brian Monroe, Carol Pawlak, Peter Blain, Kas Blain, Jean Woodmansee, Leigh Hoftiezer
The MICAH experience was explained by the Ellwangers, along with a request for money to help support their organization. Hospitality provided by Lucy, Leigh, Carol.
Leigh attended a meeting in Stevens Point with several UUs from around the state and Scott Aaseng, from the Illinois Social Action Network. There are several already established across the country. The intention of these networks is to strengthen the message UUs wish to convey, whether by contacting politicians, demonstrating, or other means. Each church is asked to establish a committee which will determine the social justice issues the church membership wishes to focus on, and establish alliances with outside organizations that share the same focus. A board of directors for the state WUUSAN would inform churches about upcoming social action opportunities, with the hope that many UUs from across the state would act in solidarity. An example given is when politicians need to hear from Wisconsinites, then having 3,000-4,000 people contacting them (from WUUSAN) would have greater impact.
An additional suggestion from the meeting included getting in touch with other UU churches in our areas to let them know this is in the works, and that training will be offered for participants in the future.
“THIS IS HOME” documentary screening Jan 27, 2019 11:30 event will begin. We will offer a light lunch for UCN attendees of the 10:00 a.m. service. Leigh will give Peggy Creer information for publicity, will confirm childcare with Constance Fiske, and will confirm attendance by her friends/relatives who volunteer to help refugee families in Sheboygan County.
Revised STP nomination form – approved in the current version, which can be modified at
any point.
From Peter Blain – Milwaukee Justice Center – approved for January 2019
From Jennifer Wilke – Prison Mindfulness Institute – approved for February 2019
Board suggestions 11/1/18 – provide nomination form in OOS and in lobby to encourage
people to make nominations.
Brought in equality stickers for the flyer display in the west lobby.
In OWL she helped with a LGBTQ panel, asked if it might be a good idea for a panel workshop,
open to the public. If offered right after a Sunday service, we might get more UCN members to
attend. Suggestion: have an LGBT speaker, lunch, then panel, earliest would be Spring. Further discussion to determine scheduling needed. Shelly, our LGBTQ speaker in 2017, works for FORGE now
Continuing our discussion : Communication Opportunities
Do we need to make other, broader contacts with the congregation?
Are we being heard?
upcoming events
OZAUKEE COUNTY NAACP FREEDOM DINNER – Sat., Nov. 17th, River Club of Mequon
We could use at least a table of 8 for sure! Excellent speaker, suggested by Brian Monroe!
** Contact SEWUUC social justice people – get together for lunch and conversation? Email only? Jennifer wants to do it also.
Next meeting December 9, 2018, 11:20 a.m. in Clara Barton room. Leigh will request UCN calendar correction.
Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer, Chairperson

OCTOBER 14, 2018
11:30 – Emerson Room at UCN
Attended by Leigh Hoftiezer, Anna Booth, Jennifer Wilke, Lucy Friedrichs, Carol Pawlak
MINUTES Leigh reported that they were approved via email in September.
Reading: “A great truth, attributed to Emily Dickinson is that ‘hope inspires the good to reveal
itself’ . This is almost all I ever need to remember. Gravity and sadness yank us down,
and hope gives us a nudge to help one another get back up or to sit with the fallen on
the ground, in the abyss, in solidarity. ” from “Stitches” by Anne Lamott
BLM2WUU – responses to Reggie Jackson lecture and Deeper Dive Dialogue on 10/13. Lucy, Leigh 5 min.
An excellent presentation was given by Reggie Jackson in the morning at Parklawn Assembly of God, Milwaukee, and guided small group discussions about topics from the presentation continued in the afternoon (at St. Joseph Hospital) with those UUs who had signed up. The morning sessions are free and open to the public and are scheduled for 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Oct. 27 and Nov. 17.
Fund for Social Justice 2018 – presentation to League of Women Voters of Milwaukee Co. on 9/25. Lucy, Leigh 3 min.
UCN member Peggy Creer is the current president of this LWV chapter. We were well received, enjoying a potluck dinner and conversation with several members before and after the presentation. They were very grateful for UCN’s support through the Fund for Social Justice.
Wisconsin UU Social Action Network update Leigh
Topics of discussion (Oct. 1 conference call)
 What issues would we like Scott Aaseng to focus on during the November 10 workshop:
o What means of communication are employed between, and with, congregations within a state action network?
o Do state action networks tend to rely upon a few congregations and ministers for leadership and direction?
o How are issues chosen which will be the focus of the state action networks? Are the state’s congregations consulted then the issues are chosen, or does the state action network chose the issues and let the state’s congregations know the focus?
o Do most state action networks focus on legislative issues?
o How essential is paid staff?
o What is the typical governing structure of a state action network?
 Jim Black will let Scott Aaseng what issues we are interested in hearing about November 10.
Jennifer and Carol indicated they would also be interested in attending the November 10 meeting with Leigh in Stevens Point. The committee agreed that travel expenses would be reimbursed by the SJC budget.
“This Is Home” scheduling Leigh
This documentary follows the lives of 4 Syrian refugee families who currently live in the United
States, having moved here before President Trump took office and imposed immigration
restrictions. Information came to us via email through Jackee Orozco, R.E. Director, and via email
the SJC agreed to support the viewing of the documentary at UCN.
Dates most of us are available include: Sunday, January 13 or January 27 (preferred).
Weeknight options: Monday, Jan. 14, Wed. Jan. 16, Friday Jan. 18, Wed. Jan. 23 Leigh will discuss this at the next Leadership Board meeting, November 1, to find dates when the Board would also be willing to support the screening of the documentary. She will also discuss promotion of the event with Peggy Creer, Communications Committee chairperson.
Share the Plate Jennifer
Trevor Project – approved by committee for December 2018.
Revised STP nomination form – to be discussed again at the next meeting. The key point to discuss is
whether to approve a nominee if they are not fully inclusive.
Communication Opportunities Lucy & all 10 min.
Do we need to make other, broader contacts with the congregation?
Are we being heard?
Tabled for a future discussion
Welcoming Congregation update Anna
* Peggy Creer and Dean Johnson notified Anna about the distribution of 100 brochures
at the Milwaukee Wedding Expo that introduced the reader to wedding opportunities at UCN.
* Anna and Leigh decided the proposed cost of advertising in the “Footlights” theater program
during the production of “Hairspray” was too costly for our budget. (see last month’s minutes).
MICAH Public Meeting – Thursday, Oct. 25th 6-8 pm, St. Matthew AME Church, 2644 N. 6th St., Milwaukee
Please attend, especially if you live within Milwaukee Co. and/or if you work in the
Milwaukee area and can come after work.
MICAH FORWARD – Thurs., Nov. 8th, 7:00 pm UCN Emerson Room;
Information-sharing and fundraising for MICAH
OZAUKEE COUNTY NAACP FREEDOM DINNER – Sat., Nov. 17th, River Club of Mequon
We could use at least a table of 8 for sure! Excellent speaker, suggested by Brian Monroe!
Next month meet in Clara Barton room because the New UU class will be held in the Emerson Room.
Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer, Chairperson

Attended by Anna Booth, Lucy Friedrichs, Leigh Hoftiezer, Carol Pawlak, Jennifer Wilke
September 9, 2018
11:20 – Emerson
MINUTES Leigh will send out as final PDF approved from June. She asks that everyone who receives drafts of the minutes check in with her, whether they approve the minutes or have corrections. The final version is sent to attendees, SJ Friends and UCN after the approval is finalized.

Moving MICAH Forward – this is their current effort to do some fundraising. The organizers suggested house parties be held where 6 or 7 potential donors would come, joining some MICAH members who would explain accomplishments of the organization and what is going on now that needs financial support. Idea from Lucy: that UCN might have a potluck dinner, inviting whole congregation. It would be an intro or refresher to MICAH, saying donations to the Moving MICAH Forward would be welcome. Knowing what the projects are and how much money is needed would help influence prospective donors. Lucy will be getting information about projects and money at a meeting on the 20th. The potluck meal will happen between November 7 and Thanksgiving.

BLM2WUU – they are very active in planning things and now are planning a set of 3 days of workshops on Oct. 13, 27, Nov. 17: morning lectures with Reggie Jackson at Parklawn Assembly of God on Sherman Park Blvd., afternoon “deeper dives” for people who want to get involved further in the discussion (at St. Joe’s Hospital, 50th and Burleigh). See the Northliner for more information on the workshops. Lucy contacted 16 to 18 people from UCN – yes from Jennifer Barton, Jan Crosby, Jennifer Wilke, Suggest asking our senior youth, Dana Lusk, Brian Monroe, Bernie Booth, anyone else? Leigh also signed up.

NAACP – Freedom Fund Dinner will be held Nov. 17 with Rotary Club speaker Javier Ramey
Fund For Social Justice – League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County Fund for Social Justice check is to be presented by Lucy and Leigh on Wednesday, Sept. 26

Recommendations/nominations for fall recipients*NAACP Ozaukee Branch – It is not a 501©3 Leigh will ask Finance Committee if we can donate
to 501©4 organizations. Lucy will talk to Brian Monroe about tax status
*SE Wisconsin Common Ground – approved October 2018 for “Homefield Advantage” fundraiser,
money due by Dec. 18
*United We Dream Network – provides support to undocumented immigrant children. Approved
by committee for November 2018
*Nativity Jesuit Academy – declined because they limit services to Latino students exclusively
and promotes a religion
Bridge the Divide – Jennifer
Outstanding speaker from ACLU. On Oct. 13 there will be “The Justice Tour” by ACLU at Milwaukee Public Library, 2pm – 5 pm
October Sh’ia Muslim Group – Jennifer
The Interfaith dinner she attended had a variety of faiths in attendance. She met people interested in learning more about UU faith. A memorial march in Milwaukee will be held with Sh’ia Muslims leading it on Oct. 13, 12:30 – 3 pm.
***Kanelbullar*** Jennifer made and served a Swedish pastry she learned how to make on her recent
vacation to Sweden.

DISCUSSION OF OUR RESPONSES to support or participate in things organized by outside sources. – Leigh
Wis. UU State Action Network – Leigh will participate in an on-line conversation with the group October 1 and may attend their workshop on November 9 (location TBD)

LGBTQ issues
*Footlights contacted UCN to invite us to place an ad in the program for the production of
“Hairspray”. Leigh forwarded the information to Anna, our Welcoming Congregation coordinator. *MyoutSpirit contacted UCN regarding being listed on their anti-bullying #SpiritDay (Oct. 18) on Twitter, which invites the LGBTQ community to attend an affirming spiritual community of their choice. It is coordinating with GLAAD. To be listed, they requested payment of $25. The SJC unanimously voted to register with this effort. Our next meeting will be held Sunday, Oct. 14, 11:20 a.m., Emerson Room at UCN.
Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer, Chairperson

June 10, 2018
11:20 – Emerson
Attended by Carol Pawlak, Lucy Friedrichs, Anna Booth, Jennifer Wilke, Leigh Hoftiezer
MINUTES from previous meeting, 5/12/18 Leigh approved by committee
Racial Justice Updates – Lucy
Brian Monroe has been attending multiple meetings of Wisdom and MICAH. David Liner will be in the UCN pulpit in December.
Picnic will be held this summer. Updates will be in the Northliner. Some reorganization of Oz. Co. group is going on.
Share The Plate Updates – Jennifer
Running Rebels Community Organization (nominated and researched by Jennifer) Accepted for STP for
August 2018. Was a Fund for Social Justice recipient
Southeast Wisconsin Common Ground, Inc. (nominated and researched by Jennifer) Approved for STP, but table for later scheduling as back up
United we Dream Network (nominated and researched by Jennifer) Approved for STP for September 2018 providing Jennifer gets an address to send a check to. Jennifer will contact Voces de la Frontera to see if they have any other info.
National Immigration Law Center, Los Angeles (nominated and researched by Jennifer) Approved by STP for July 2018
Voces de la Frontera (Jennifer will research and present to committee)
Jennifer will rewrite form, submit it for approval
SJ Publication Policy Northliner – Leigh
Items previously discussed and approved by committee will be allowed.
A book recommended by Judy Milbrath was mentioned to the committee. “The Invention of Wings” by Sue Monk Kidd
The committee decided to have no summer meetings, though we will remain connected via email. Meetings will resume in September 2018
Jail literacy friends meeting – Jennifer
Jennifer spoke with the local director and was told that currently volunteers are not wanted. They would like items. Jennifer will write an article for the Northliner.
Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer, Chairperson

April 8, 2018
11:30 a.m. – Emerson

CHAIRPERSON: Leigh Hoftiezer
Attended also by Carol Pawlak, Lucy Friedrichs, Anna Booth, Jennifer Wilke
Water flows from high in the mountains.
Water runs deep in the earth.
Miraculously, water comes to us and sustains all life.
Water and sun. . . green these plants
When the rain of compassion falls,
Even a dessert becomes an immense, green ocean.
Thich N’hat Hanh

MINUTES Leigh – Lucy moved to accept the minutes as submitted, second by Carol. Leigh will send them out to SJC Friends, Committee Members, and UCN
Update on Islamic Speaker Leigh
She will be attempting to get in touch with him this week.
Racial Justice Updates Lucy
BLM2WIUU Carol – Report on the meeting held Friday, April 6. They are now working on request for funds from Wis. Humanities Council in support of educational opportunities with speakers. A “deep dive” discussion in the fall – large presentation then followed by a deep dive discussion led by the presenters, training all UUs. Some discussion at meeting on direction the group should take – we’ve done a lot, are feeling stretched and need to refocus.
Reggie Jackson will speak at Concordia on May 17, 6:30 p.m. Lucy will put it in the Northliner in May.
Bridge the Divide at Cedarburg Library – Jennifer
Marvelous session. Erica Turner led it, wanting to talk about the racial divide and now has monthly meetings. This month the focus was on education, dilemma of the difficulties, led by a panel discussion of 4 people including a black teacher who is the only black teacher in his school. Also on the panel was an activist, and a white teacher who talked about treating kids equally regardless of race. Someone asked then if the kids’ backgrounds should be ignored. The message Jennifer came away with was that white people need to step forward to address the need for diversity and acceptance.
Community Conversations on School Discipline – Carol
From MICAH – next meeting will likely be the 3rd Thursday. Lucy will put in Northliner.
Fund for Social Justice Lucy
Moved to accept by Leigh, 2nd by Anna. League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County
Lucy will provide information for the Annual Meeting packet, present and ask for vote at Annual Meeting.
Continued Discussion: Sanctuary Designation from Olympia Brown Church – Leigh will look into it for future committee, Board, Barn Banter discussion
Share The Plate – Jennifer
Homeless Veterans last month
Literacy Society of Milwaukee for May
Before the new month starts, Jennifer writes a sentence or two for the OOS, a longer review for the Northliner, and a group mailing to all Worship Assistants to send a blurb of the reading for the month. Every week this month different articles will go in the Northliner on the STP, goes to Leigh then on to Lyn to be published. Will add “Approved by SJC” to text.
Jennifer is still researching
Life After Hate (nominated by Bernie Booth)
Common Ground
Discussion ensued on whether to nominate Bridge the Divide for STP. It is not a 501c3 so does not qualify for STP under our established guidelines. If they are not eligible, perhaps they would be willing to do Sunday service to talk about their work. J will ask the organizer about what the might need to help their work grow.
Leigh will talk to Finance Committee about whether we could select NON 501c3 organizations to receive STP. What specific criteria should we check for?
Continued Discussion: Movie – Making a Killing: Guns, Greed and the NRA
Free movie, available to us. Leigh will sign up to get a link to the movie and forward it so we can preview before deciding whether to host a screening at UCN. Megan Smith is involved in a Mom’s group that is working for gun control, and they may want to help.
Saukville Community Meal at Parkside UCC Church – though it is listed as a SJC activity in the Annual Report, we currently do not have any members willing to organize this twice-per-year commitment. Karen Ringlien will continue to organize the lunches and will provide reports to the SJC.
Member Status for SJ mailing list –
Agenda goes to active members, approved minutes to Friends
Carol will send agenda to Northliner with invitation to attend.
Leadership for May Meeting changed to May 12, 9 a.m.
Annual Meeting Rep from SJ: Carol and Lucy
Leigh will be on vacation
Mail – distributed as needed.
Welcoming Congregation leadership – Anna Booth has agreed to step in as of July 1, 2018.
Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer

March 11, 2018

11:30 a.m. Attended by Lucy Friedrichs, Anna Booth, Jennifer Wilke, Leigh Hoftiezer, Vicki Fuerstenau
Want what you have. Do what you can. Be who you are.
Forrest Church

MINUTES from February 2018 were sent out and approved prior to the meeting.
Update on Islamic Speaker – Leigh
July 8, 2018
Dr. Mansoor Mirza from the Islamic Society of Sheboygan will speak. Leigh will coordinate the service with him. Ideas provided in committee discussion include:
– Ask him what parts of the service do he wants to contribute to.
– Tell us about your faith.
– Islamic tradition practices
– What alliance do you want with people who are not Muslim?
– What do you want the world to know about Islam?
– What does it mean to be a Muslim in our area?
– What about your faith journey would you like to share with us?
– Let him know that we do have Islamic readings in our hymnals.
– There is a congregational response option.
Discussion: Sanctuary Designation from Olympia Brown Church
A short article was published in the current UUA World magazine that described one church’s decision to abandon the idea of being a sanctuary church because a major renter of their space was worried they would lose clients and would have to move to a different location. Our committee decided that we will not abandon our principles for rental income
Leigh will contact organizations or Tony Larsen regarding their work as sanctuary supporters
– What is a sanctuary church, who would use it, what is the commitment
Motion: Idea presented to us by congregation member and SJC Friend Joy Schroeder. Jennifer so moved, Lucy seconded. In a unanimous vote, the SJC feels more research and discussion is needed regarding the sanctuary movement.
Share the Plate Jennifer
Jennifer will ask Peggy Creer about better ways to get the word out about STP.
Worship Assistants are all getting the blurbs to be read.
Reported last year’s and this year’s collections for STP.
Autism Society of SE Wis. voted to be STP for April
Literacy Services of Milwaukee voted to be STP for May
Second thoughts on FINCA (presented in February 2018) – Charity Navigator removed from their listing because of
the way it is organized. Money goes to area banks rather than directly to applicants. In place of FINCA
Jennifer will research Common Ground.
Life After Hate nominated by Bernie and Anna Booth. More study will be done by Jennifer.
Racial Justice Updates Lucy
See Northliner
Lucy hopes to be at MICAH Board meeting tomorrow
Anna attended workshop re: different MICAH task groups
R.E. Director Jackee Orozco has asked Lucy to get in touch with a Baptist church for R.E. students
BLM2WIUUs is having difficulty determining which projects to concentrate on. Lucy will look into it.
Milwaukee 53206 film on 3/17/18
Lucy will invite someone from 53206 to come.
Hospitality will be provided by SJC
Jennifer reported that the Cedarburg library event in March was exhilarating
Discussion: Movie – Making a Killing: Guns, Greed and the NRA
Free movie, available to us. Leigh received email about it through UCN. Joy Schroeder’s Peace group in West Bend
watched this and had a NRA member speak in response to the movie, as well as answer audience questions. A
moderator was also employed.
The SJC would like to see it first, then consider getting a speaker from NRA and a moderator to generate discussion.
The Annual Report is due in early April. Leigh will ask members for reports by email.

2/11/18, 11:30 – 1:30, Emerson Room at UCN
Attended by Carol Pawlak, Anna Booth, Lucy Friedrichs, Jennifer Wilke, Leigh Hoftiezer (Chairperson)
CHALICE READING & LIGHTING: Carol read one from the gray hymnal.
MINUTES from January 2018: approved with changes
2018-2019 BUDGET Leigh
Continued discussion from January meeting. The Finance Committee reported we have only used $650 of our $1,050
budget for this year. In addition, it was clarified that the expenses for Family Promise (dues and incidentals) are
already separate items in UCN’s budget and do not have to be noted in the Social Justice Committee budget. Those present approved $1,350 budget request for 2018-19. Leigh will submit it today, beating tomorrow’s deadline.
BLM2WIUUS Lucy Friedrichs
Met at UUCW. They want to know how to move forward but retain the idea of educating white people about the needs of BLM in a variety of ways. Ideas: get involved with the Poor People’s Campaign. Rev. Dr. Barber has gone all over the country to promote the idea of all social justice groups working together. The Milwaukee leadership has been a bit sluggish in this effort. BLM will look into whether they can participate. Lucy reported what we’re doing at UCN. They are considering doing a script reading written by someone Mary Devitt met, a woman whose son was murdered by police. The author would like input on how to make it better. As a writer herself, Jennifer Wilke offered to help.
They are looking into developing a youth council and discussed options to make that happen. Area high school students have been invited to become involved.
Documentary Film to be shown March 17 at UCN
“Milwaukee 53206” to be shown. This film spotlights the extremely high arrest rate of black men living within this zip code in Milwaukee. Dr. Geoffrey Swain will lead discussion before and after the screening. Given the abundance of funds remaining in our budget, the SJC budget will pay the licensing fee for the movie. We may also provide snacks.
Other Films
Local libraries show movies for free, sometimes social justice related. Jennifer will submit an article to the Northliner as opportunities arise and will ask Leigh to review the 1st article.
MICAH Anna Booth
Report on visioning retreat on 1/27/18. Anna and her husband Bernie went. Learned a lot about their budget and other activities, committees, task forces, what their focus will be in the future. Financial support along with community support is needed. They heard wonderful speakers. MICAH would like at least one if not 2 people to attend from each member church. Discussion ensued regarding who they want to represent – all cultures and races? Only those in the Milwaukee areas suffering from poverty?
A prayer breakfast will be held on 2/17/18 with Rev. Reggie Jackson speaking. Serves at 8:30 at St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church, 128 West Burleigh St., Milwaukee
LGBT Workshop Anna
2-18-18, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. @ LGBT Community Center – “Making Schools Safe for Trans and Non-Binary Students” free workshop
Share the Plate Jennifer Wilke
Revised info on Planned Parenthood, the February STP recipient.
Nomination for April: Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin, nominated by Jennifer Goetz. Will find out how they
are funded and if anyone is excluded.
Follow-up from discussion In January:
FINCA – hold for now.
Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative – approved for March.
Islamic Society of Sheboygan speaker, shared meal?
Lucy will find open Sunday speaker dates, tell Leigh. Summertime is suggested. Leigh will contact speaker when open dates are confirmed.
Family Promise update? None for now.
Future meeting topics
Fund for Social Justice – must be approved by SJC before Annual Meeting (May or June)
Sanctuary church resolution from Olympia Brown Church.

January 14, 2018
EMERSON ROOM. 11:20 – 12:45
CHAIR PERSON: Leigh Hoftiezer
Attended by Leigh Hoftiezer, Lucy Friedrichs, Anna Booth, Carol Pawlak, Jennifer Wilke

I am but a drop of water – Alone, I would disappear,
Dried up by the scorching sun Or sucked up by the dry, thirsty earth.
But together we can wear out stones, Carve out the Grand Canyon,
Make streams and rivers, And find our way to the sea. Rev. Kok-Heong McNaughton
MINUTES: Leigh – last month’s minutes approved with changes, will be distributed to remaining SJC members and UCN.
2018-2019 BUDGET Leigh – we need to know how our budget has been used this year before we can determine what to ask for next year. Leigh will inquire of the Finance Committee before our next meeting.
Northliner idea discussed – SJC members are invited to write short articles about organizations they support, giving personal testimonials. There was general but not unanimous agreement.
SHARE THE PLATE Jennifer Wilke
Jennifer provided documents for review/discussion. She will send Leigh the 4th qtr. and last 3 years’ totals to be included in minutes.
Nomination for April: Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin, nominated by Jennifer Goetz. Need answers to how it is funded and is anyone excluded. Will likely be approved for April. Table vote until February meeting.
Planned Parenthood for February approved by committee but whole committee needs to see the nomination, with response by Jan. 17.
FINCA and Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative forms will also be sent out for approval.
The updated flyer with 2017 total donations, showing the last 3 months, will be posted with a color change of the right-hand text box fill. The amounts reported are:. October, Black Holocaust Museum, $659.05. November, The Innocence Project $1,208.44 (including anonymous matching donation). December, Diverse & Resilient, $454.50. Annual totals: 2015 – $5,741.71 2016 – $5,320.18 2017 – $6,329.95.
MICAH MEETING Lucy Friedrichs 1/27/18 retreat with workshops. Progressive Baptist Church at 84th and Kieff. More information may be found in the Northliner
NAACP Lucy Change of meeting place to Chucks Place Restaurant (1/10/18) On Feb. 17 is a youth council meeting at Mequon Utd. Methodist Church. Jackee Orozco, who attended the Freedom Fund dinner, was introduced to people involved in youth activities. Jackee will attend with youth from UCN.
See the Northliner for more information on Education/Action on social justice issues, prepared by Lucy.
Committee Members and others met before the service @ —-9:40—– to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. with a witness at the entrance to our property. Signs honoring MLK and Black Lives Matter were held. An additional group witnessed with the same signs, same location after the service.
FAMILY PROMISE UPDATE? Our next time to host families is the week of January 28, 2018.
INTERFAITH UPDATE? Further discussion regarding our outstanding invitation to Dr. Mansoor Mirza

February agenda items:
STP Autism Society of Southeastern Wis. Approval of nomination vote
STP Additional nominations (FINCA and Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative)
Sanctuary church resolution from Olympia Brown Church, Racine
Islamic Society of Sheboygan speaker, shared meal?


December 10, 2017


EMERSON ROOM. 11:20 – 12:45


CHAIR PERSON:    Leigh Hoftiezer

Attended by Leigh, Anna Booth, Jennifer Wilke, Lucy Friedrichs, Jon Olsen, Dean Johnson, Mark Bruhy



I am but a drop of water –  Alone, I would disappear,

   Dried up by the scorching sun   Or sucked up by the dry, thirsty earth

   But together we can wear out stones, Carve out the Grand Canyon,

   Make streams and rivers, And find our way to the sea.    Rev. Kok-Heong McNaughton


MINUTES:  Shared by Leigh, approved by committee


INTERFAITH LUNCHEON   Leigh offered to put a report in Northliner about luncheon and interfaith conference organization. The key advice given by the speaker was to volunteer to work alongside people of other faiths, cultures and races, getting to know one another through work and conversations.


Dr. Mansoor Mirza and service in summer – likely to be held in June, after Ramadan. Leigh asked those present to consider which Sunday in the summer they would be available to help with the service and a shared meal, as we want to invite the Islamic Society of Sheboygan to join us.


SHARE THE PLATE   Mark and Jennifer      15 min

Mark is stepping down after 3 years. During his tenure he set up an electronic database of all the donations and recipients. Folders with all the nominations, all Northliner articles, all annual reports, all other support documentation will be forwarded to Jennifer Wilke, who is taking over as of January. Mark suggests we set up a file system that is password protected, accessible by those who need to get into it. Coordination with Worship Assistants needs to be addressed. Currently the announcement is sent to all Worship Assistants but sometimes the message we provide is changed



A daycare that now has 10 children, more later, may use entire lower level. This will effect different groups that use UCN, including families who overnight here through Family Promise, but the church is large enough for us to accommodate them.



Recent write-ups in Northliner, announcements every other Sunday in November,

Barrel moved to sanctuary    —- donations have increased



A grant was awarded by the UUSC; a video was created for the grant by Black Lives Matter to WI UU’s, with Program in the Park – staff asked the UU members questions for the video. It may be shared with BLM Facebook page and UUSC. Jan. 11, 5:30 – 7:30 at UUCW there will be the next collaborative meeting. Two representatives from each church can participate. Lucy and one other. Meetings are about every 2 months.



NAACP   report on recent dinner   Lucy

8 UCN members filled a table at this event. A phenomenal dynamic speaker, Attorney Bakari Sellers gave a chronological speech on what Blacks have done to combat social injustice. 145 people attended. A youth council may start up again. Feb. 17 at Mequon Utd. Methodist Church is the next meeting.



Board meeting on 12/11 at Progressive Baptist Church at 5:30 to 7:30, Lucy will be going.



Very successful fundraiser on Dec. 5.


Bathroom signs – suggest signs on both entry doors or another place on bathroom doors. Feel welcome to use any restroom where you are comfortable.

Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer



November 12, 2017


EMERSON ROOM. 11:35 – 1:25


ATTENDED BY Lucy Friedrichs, Jennifer Wilke, Dean Johnson, Carol Pawlak, Brian Bunzel, Leigh Hoftiezer, Chairperson




MINUTES: Approved weeks ago and are available for all recipients of the Northliner to read.


Transgender Workshop

Transgender Lavatory Signage    Dean Johnson

Approved at the Board meeting in October. Decision was left to the Building Committee. Signs will go on current men’s room downstairs. Jennifer has looked into different sign designs with Anna Booth. Suggestion to have more discussions with people involved, esp. Brian Bunzel (Building Committee) and Joy Schroeder (Worship Committee).


Bldg. Committee proposal: take the men’s bathroom downstairs, add baby changing table (done), door over the urinal, hook and eye on inside of the bathroom door. We are not welcoming to 3 populations: transgender people, families with young children who can’t go in bathroom by themselves, disabled adults who need help by other-gender family member. Signage to change to “family bathroom” with image of what’s in the bathroom: urinal, toilet, sink, changing table, handicap access. Other bathrooms: lower women’s bathroom sign will have sign with images of what’s in it and “women”. Upper bathrooms will have sign indicating family bathroom on lower level.


Motion that the SJC thank Brian Bunzel and Building Committee on work done researching the issue. At the next Board meeting, express our committee’s concern that this is moving too quickly as the SJC wants the congregation and committee to have the opportunity to give more input. Approved by committee.




SHARE THE PLATE   Mark Bruhy, Jennifer

Discussion ensued about how the SJC will in the future approve nominations for Share the Plate. We decided that SJC members may give their opinions by email but the vote and final approval will take place at the monthly meeting. Discuss in December: consider categories so we can even out the types of organizations. Quarterly reports are needed. Jennifer will have 2 or 3 back-up organizations ready (i.e., researched, description ready for nomination) if we need one. Any nominated by a congregation member and approved by the SJC will get priority. Every 3 months she will do a review – what we did, what is coming up – and put on publicity sign on a regular basis.



BLACK LIVES MATTER – no new updates


NAACP Freedom Fund dinner this Saturday. At this point 6 seats are sold for UCN (one is a donated ticket) for table of 8. Lucy will ask Jackee O. if a youth would be interested in going, but first has to talk to coordinator to find out if the ticket is promised to anyone else yet. Other option if a youth doesn’t take it is to offer it to Jon Olsen.


MICAH – 10 UCN people attended the annual meeting, including 4 new members to UCN. Really good education committee leadership presentation.


ISLAMIC SOCIETY CONNECTION, Leigh will follow up when possible. Carol P. said at the MICAH meeting there was a Muslim speaker who was very good if Leigh’s contact doesn’t work out.


FOOD BARREL, ask Vicki F. if she would want to promote Thanksgiving donations at UCN. Can Food Barrel go into sanctuary in front of the pulpit? Other option – give list of organizations that accept food donations for Thanksgiving. Food pantry or community meal? Jennifer will research and write up article for Northliner.


LOBBY PORTRAIT GALLERY – change one to Martin Luther King, Jr. (Dean), keep up at least through February 2018


Future agenda items:

Every quarter starting in April a Share the Plate update. One page summary financial report.


Mail received


Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer



October 8, 2017, 11:20 – 12:45



Attending: Leigh Hoftiezer, Jennifer Wilke, Anna Booth, Lucy Friedrichs, Carol Pawlak


MINUTES from September approved.


SHARE THE PLATE                    Mark Bruhy/Jennifer

Innocence Project was approved for November at September’s meeting.

Life Without Hate presented by Serve 2 Unite, based in Milwaukee, on October 4 in Random Lake. Jennifer will get more information about the group and possibly nominate them for STP.

Thank you notes received have been posted in the north lobby.

ISLAMIC SOCIETY                      Jennifer

Jennifer has connected with a woman met at the Sheboygan area mosque at the IFTAR, though she does not attend the mosque.


Last month the SJC proposed the idea of having a Muslim speaker as pulpit guest on a Sunday morning, followed by a meal that UCN members would provide, to share with mosque members who attended. Leigh contacted Joy Schroeder, Worship Committee Chair, to find out when the pulpit would be available, and received this answer:


From Joy Schroeder, Worship Committee Chair on 10/5/17

I looked up when Ramadan is in relation to the dates left before the end of our church year, (5/15 – 6/14).  What we have open are these Sundays:  2/25, 4/15, 4/29 and 6/24.  None of these dates are on our First Sunday Lunch schedule, but I am sure we can arrange something.  During the summer, we had a potluck for Lughnasadh and almost everyone stayed.  We’ll just have to ask for specifics on what is acceptable fare.  Give me your ideas for how to proceed:  We could ask him to bring recorded music?  Ask him what he’d like to share with us?  Does he want to have a children’s book about Islam?


The SJC discussed the possibility of having the speaker reflect on:

What are the Islamic basics that coincide with our 7 Principles?


Leigh will reach out to Dr. Mansoor Mirza from the Oostburg mosque to offer the dates above. Include the 7 Principles in the email. Invite the congregation to lunch with us after the service. Someone from Worship Committee would follow up. Ask Joy about honorarium that we would offer.

LOBBY PICTURES                      Leigh will arrange a meeting of interested participants.



Report and Follow-up

Mr. Shelley Gregory from Milwaukee LGBT Community Center spoke on Oct. 4. Well attended. About 15 from UCN, 30 from outside of church. Families attended, connected with other families. Many people said they were grateful we were having this workshop as support like this is simply not offered north of Milwaukee. Visitors came from as far away as Random Lake and Fond du Lac. We hope to hold this type of workshop annually and will continue to invite local high schools to attend, along with families and agencies that serve the LGBT population.


Consider new bathroom signs that will be more inclusive. Jennifer and Anna will look for design options to present to the November SJC meeting.

Leigh will raise the issue at the next Leadership Board meeting, Oct. 19, 2017.



The deadline is January 15.


BLACK LIVES MATTER                  Lucy

Lucy has been updating the Racial Justice Calendar for the weekly Northliner and asks all SJC members to review it.

Oct. 15 at First UU Society vigil re BLM 12:00 – 12:30

Workshop Oct. 21 Plymouth UCC, Shorewood


Freedom Fund Dinner in Mequon Nov. 18

$100 per seat. Lucy would like UCN to have an entire table.

Voter registration in OZ Co. through NAACP training Oct. 24 6:30 – 8:30

MICAH                                           Lucy

Public meeting in Milwaukee on Oct. 26. 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., New Hope Baptist Church, 2433 W. Roosevelt Dr., Milwaukee.


Today we rang the church bell 59 times in memory of people who lost their lives to gun violence in Las Vegas, NV on October 1, 2017. Approximately 10 people attended this simple ceremony. Carol Pawlak read from the Islam section of our hymnal.

Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer


September 10, 2017, 11:30 – 12:45
Attended by Jennifer Wilke, Lucy Friedrichs, Carol Pawlak, Leigh Hoftiezer, visitor UCN President Ed Ahrenhoerster
Jennifer – IFTAR follow-up we voted to find a reciprocal event to invite them to. A meal or a celebration along with a speaker from the mosque, does not have to be First Sunday Lunch. Having declared our intention, Leigh will let Lyn know and will ask the Worship Committee for a date.
Innocence Project – November APPROVED BY COMMITTEE
Jennifer would like a permanent display someplace – upstairs lobby, perhaps, or wall shared by the office?
Mailed appeals can be shared with congregation.
Carol would be willing to set up a display any Sunday to explain what STP is and what ideas
people might need for nomination. No action was taken.
Will continue quarterly report on 8 ½ x 11, publicize ourselves a little more. Go online, make a
copy of the form, fill it out, email it back to Jennifer. Appeal on paper slipped into Northliner.
Jennifer has donation recipients organized into categories.
How do we want to use this space? Leigh will coordinate a subcommittee with Dean, Jennifer, and others who may be interested in participating.
The intent is for the display to be a welcoming for people of color, affirming to allies, and those featured could be UUs or other people who share the UU principles. BLM in Milwaukee area, local folks, OZ NAACP members. Stay in touch with SJ committee regarding decisions.
Leigh & Anna Booth, with Betsy Muellenbach, will organize the workshop and request assistance with publicity.
Lucy and Dean presented to ACLU Milwaukee Student Alliance. There was a matching grant ($767.68) from MKE public schools to support Youth Social Justice Forum. They are looking for adult volunteers at forum at UW-M in November (Lucy will send the date), all day, people who can direct people to where workshops are being held that day, help staff registration desk.
Lucy will start advertising for nominations for 2018’s Fund for Social Justice recipient. Nominations are due in the office by January 15. We will see if a link to the nomination form could be made available through the Northliner.
UCN belongs to the Wis. Group. They allow two voting members per church. Interested parties may join Lucy in this.
Reach out idea – meet one on one with others about what their interests re: social justice might be.
Sept. 20 at UUCW, public witness at 6:30 at their property. At 7 p.m. until 8:30 a presentation, remembrance and celebration of when Father Groppi spoke at UUCW and was the beginning of fair housing movement.
Moral Monday presentation at an inner city church (St. Gabriel Church of God in Christ). Rev. Barber has been taking his message to the poor people’s campaign, organizing people to be alive and aware of our political situation and how it effects poor people.
MICAH is having financial difficulties but have been very active in a wide variety of ways. Having more people involved will help support their mission. The next general meeting will be at New Hope Baptist Church on Roosevelt on October 26, 6 p.m. Lucy has been going to their board meetings, the next is on Sept. 11.
Lucy is willing to mentor anyone who might want to go with her to meetings. There is a concern that UCN might become less involved and less aware of racial justice issues.
Nov. 18 speaker/dinner fundraiser Bakari Sellers will speak, he is a t.v. commentator
Voter registration training happening 9/11, periodically throughout the year at Cedarburg City Hall.
Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer


UCN Social Justice Committee

Meeting Minutes for July 9, 2017, 11:30am – 12:30pm, in the Emerson Room


Attended by Leigh Hoftiezer, Chairperson, Brian Bunzel, Dean Johnson, Lucy Friedrichs, Anna Booth, Carol Pawlak, Joy Schroeder, Hawthorn McCracken



I am but a drop of water. Alone I would disappear, dried up by the scorching sun or sucked up by the dry, thirsty earth. But together we can wear out stones, carve out the Grand Canyon, make streams and rivers, and find our way to the sea.   Rev. Kok-Heong McNaughton


MINUTES from June 11, 2017 meeting: Reviewed and approved with minor changes by people attending, but Leigh will send them out to the others who attended before submitting the final to the full committee and UCN.



Anna Booth will check at PP for a speaker on transgender issues. Joy Schroeder also has a potential speaker in mind, as does Hawthorn McCracken. They will coordinate their efforts. Potential date options selected are Sunday, September 24 1:00 ~ 3:00 p.m. and Wednesday, October 4 6:30 ~ 8:30 p.m. Once a date is determined, invitations to area high school Gay-Straight Alliance clubs, guidance counselors, the LGBT community in Milwaukee, SEWUUC congregations, and any others who might benefit will be sent.


BLACK LIVES MATTER   Lucy Friedrichs

Weekly Northliner articles have been submitted to invite people to attend racial justice activities in the Milwaukee and Ozaukee County areas. Lucy would like for us to organize a summer picnic for families with black family members and/or multi-cultural/multi-racial families, and people who consider themselves allies to racial/multi-cultural issues and people. Possible hosts suggested were Todd and Theresa Witt (already contacted, but have not heard back), Jan Crosby, Rosa Gomez & Rick Kastenmeier, or Mark Bruhy & Katie Egan-Bruhy.


BLM display in west lobby (Brian Bunzel) – what to do with it? Move to North lobby for next week with an invitation for people to familiarize themselves with the BLM movement. Use 7/23 for service by Milwaukee Holocaust Museum Historian Reginald Jackson. Worship Committee will decide where to put it at that time as there will be a reception in the north lobby after the service.


MICAH  Lucy attended an expo banquet regarding prison reform and the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility  protest. Dr. Geoff Swain, former UCN member, is interested in speaking at UCN about the issue of the need to restore rights to recently released prisoners.


Fund For Social Justice – check still has not arrived. Lucy will call the ACLU to find out when would be a good time to present the check, and all are invited to go along.


NAACP – Board meeting here during the summer months. UCN is a lifetime member. They will be having a large picnic/event at the main park in Thiensville on August 5. Lucy has invited them to come to the July 23 service.


ISLAMIC SOCIETY of SHEBOYGAN – Leigh reported that 9 people from UCN attended the Iftar on June 17 (Leigh, Jennifer Wilke, Dean Johnson, Hawthorn McCracken and her partner, Helen Michels and Mike Strauss, Phil and Kathie Arena). The mosque members were very friendly and generous in offering to share their food with us while breaking their Ramadan fast. We did not have the opportunity to fully discuss the things our respective congregations might do together, but did hear there was interest in forming a friendship with UCN. Key ideas from last month’s SJC meeting, pasted here to help us keep them in mind, are as follows:

– invite women from the mosque to UCN for a woman-only potluck, share recipes.

Ask Naz Khan, the mosque president’s wife, if it would be uncomfortable for these women to have men in attendance.

  • Plan an outing with families
  • Plan a picnic at UCN for families
  • Create (or purchase?) a poster explaining what Islam is and is not.
  • Have another meeting with them to discuss what they would like to do with us.


Added agenda items:

UCN as a sanctuary for immigrants who fear being deported – Brian Bunzel

UUA is encouraging churches to be sanctuaries for Mexicans who are afraid of being deported. Brian will research to find out what other churches are doing or could we work with another church in the area, perhaps with a subcommittee. Also look for legal advice. Approach director of Family Promise, might we be able to coordinate with them? Leadership Board would need to approve this move. Rosa Gomez will work with Brian on gathering information. The SJC tentatively approved, pending what answers are found to the above questions.


Pride Parade Update – Brian and Leigh

Held on June 17 with the UU entry coordinated by Rev. Suzelle Lynch at UUCW, we (with Joy Schroeder and Inga Bunzel) joined 3 or 4 other SEWUUC members to march in the parade. We had brought UCN’s Standing on the Side of Love Banner, decorated with UNITARIAN CHURCH NORTH printed large on mailing labels, and proudly carried it at the front of the group. The parade was very well attended, very positively received, and a lot of fun. Someone from First UU Society of Milwaukee took our picture and will be sending it to us. (Leigh will follow up to request it.)


Future Agenda Item not addressed above:

What will we focus on in the future as a committee? Being thinly spread among the several worthy causes we support does nobody any good. Where will spend our energy? What will we step away from, if only for a short time?

*Currently UCN members attend meetings for NAACP in Ozaukee County. Lucy regularly attends activities/meetings as do a few other UCN members – some of whom are official, individual members of the Oz. Co. Branch. Lucy is a member of their Executive Committee, which does not necessarily mean that she is the UCN rep, although they may see her that way. She will continue going to both of these groups, due to her personal commitments and as a UCN member, and she is willing to work with anyone who is interested in attending/representing us in these organizations.

*MICAH may need a designated representative from UCN, as might the NAACP.

*In addition, we will be needing a new coordinator for our Share the Plate program since Mark Bruhy will be stepping down at the end of the calendar year.




Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world.

All things break. And all things can be mended.

Not with time, as they say, but with intention.

So go.

Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally.

The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you.


  1. R. Knost 


Agenda prepared by Carol Pawlak

Minutes respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer, Chairperson



June 11, 2017 Meeting Minutes DRAFT

Emerson Room, 11:20 ~ 12:30


Attended by Carol Pawlak, Jennifer Wilke, Hawthorn McCracken, Mark Bruhy, Lucy Friedrichs, Dean Johnson, Joy Schroeder, Leigh Hoftiezer, Stephanie Richardson


Chalice Lighting and Reading:  I am but a drop of water. Alone I would disappear, dried up by the scorching sun or sucked up by the dry, thirsty earth. But together we can wear out stones, carve out the Grand Canyon, make streams and rivers, and find our way to the sea.  Rev. Kok-Heong McNaughton


Minutes from May 14, 2017 were approved as submitted.


Share the Plate (STP): Mark Bruhy presented nomination of the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee for committee approval. It was approved unanimously. Mark will be stepping down as the STP chair by the end of the year, after serving 2 years.

*Report on poster project for Share the Plate: By the 3rd week of the month, Jennifer Wilke will create a poster or flyer titled “We Make a Difference” that lists the last 3 STP recipients and how much money was donated to them. The posters will go up at each sanctuary entrance and on the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall. In addition, a line will be added to the Order of Service that reports the previous month’s STP collection.

*It was suggested that the Black Holocaust Museum be a STP recipient this fall.


Black Lives Matter (BLM): Lucy Friedrichs reported on the work of the Milwaukee BLM organizers and will be submitting information about upcoming opportunities for publication in UCN’s weekly newsletter. These events include –

*June 29, 2017, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. film premiere, march and vigil focused on the need to shut down the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility

*July 23, 2017 Reginald Jackson, Historian of the Black Holocaust Museum, will be speaking at UCN at the Sunday service on racial segregation in Ozaukee County. The service will be advertised by UCN.


Islamic Society of Sheboygan: Leigh Hoftiezer reported that UCN members have been invited to attend the Iftar (dinner served during Ramadan) on June 17, 2017, at the Islamic Society of Sheboygan in Oostburg. A head count has been requested by the mosque. Leigh will invite all UCN members via email to attend, with a deadline to sign up by Thursday, June 15. From the SJC attendees include Leigh and her husband, Jennifer, Dean, Hawthorn and her partner. Dean also would like to know if it would be acceptable for him to arrive early to observe their service and/or participate. Leigh agreed to inquire.

*Moving forward in this new relationship: The mosque is not in crisis currently, and we would like to know what they might need from us. Suggestions from the committee on what UCN could offer:

– invite women from the mosque to UCN for a woman-only potluck, share recipes. Ask

Naz Khan if it would be uncomfortable for these women to have men in attendance.

  • Plan an outing with families
  • Plan a picnic at UCN for families
  • Create (or purchase?) a poster explaining what Islam is and is not.
  • Have another meeting with them to discuss what they would like to do with us.



MICAH Lucy Friedrichs and Stephanie Richardson

*Issues forum included education, creating community schools, prison reform (making sure rights are reinstated for recently released inmates)

*June 12 – the next MICAH Board meeting will be held at Congregation Sinai on Port Washington Rd

*WE NEED A REP for MICAH from the committee if UCN wants to continue to be involved


Fund for Social Justice the check is on the way. Lucy and Dean will present it to the Milwaukee branch of the ACLU. Others are welcome to join them.


NAACP Stephanie Richardson reported that the Ozaukee County branch is working to expand its membership and is looking at re-branding themselves in some way to attract young people. They are considering how other organizations like BLM affect them. This summer they will be meeting at UCN.

A REP FROM UCN is needed who will attend the monthly NAACP meetings.


Portrait Gallery Stephanie emphasized the importance of visibly supporting and celebrating Martin Luther King day (around January 15 annually) at UCN. As a person of color, to not have even a nod to MLK is disturbing and makes one wonder why such an important national figure is not being recognized.


All People’s Church Stephanie reported that their minister, Pastor Steve Jerbi, is waiting for UCN to respond to their invitation to explore a partnership with them. They will be holding a workshop on religion and race on June 17, 9-11 a.m., and all are invited.


Gay Pride Parade Leigh and Joy Schroeder, along with Joy’s family, will be marching with other UUs from the Milwaukee area today. They will carry UCN’s Standing on the Side of Love banner.



Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world.

All things break. And all things can be mended.

Not with time, as they say, but with intention.

So go.

Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally.

The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you.

L.R. Knost


As Stephanie Richardson, an effective, committed and dynamic member of UCN and the Social Justice Committee for several years leaves us, we wish to thank her for her dedication and wish her all the best in the years to come. We look forward to reconnecting with her at social justice events around the Milwaukee area.



Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer, SJC Chairperson


Date: April 9, 2017
EMERSON ROOM. 11:30 – 12:30
Attended by Dean Johnson, facilitator, Carol Pawlak, Jennifer Wilke, Mark Bruhy, Lucy Friedrichs, Leigh Hoftiezer, Joy Schroeder (Leadership Board Liaison), Brian Bunzel, visitor
Do not be dismayed by the brokeness of the world.
All things break. And all things can be mended.
Not with time, as they say, but with intention.
So go. Love intentionally, extravagantly, uncon-
ditionally. The broken world waits in darkness
for the light that is you. L. R. Knost
MINUTES: Leigh will send her notes from last month’s meeting to SJC members.
Recap and Prioritize Agenda (less than 5 min)
SHARE THE PLATE Mark Bruhy, two nominations
Great Lakes Search and Rescue K-9 Team (not a social justice issue but the committee approved for STP for May)
Urban Ecology Center (nominated by the Coming of Age group for June, approved)
Nomination of ACLU Student Alliance, Milwaukee offices, student alliance. Moved by Jennifer, 2nd by Leigh. Unanimously approved by SJC members
BLACK LIVES MATTER (10 min) Lucy Friedrichs and Brian Bunzel
Re: April 1 all-day conference at Alverno College. 340 people attended, filling the conference center. Alverno College had donated the space for free. Put on by 5 UU churches. Very good workshops, moved the whole issue forward for a lot of people. Micro-aggressions were confronted as they emerged in conversation. Reggie Jackson will speak at UCN July 23, was willing to lend us a moving display on BLM.
BLM sub-committee Brian Bunzel will be meeting with the SJC
Islamic Society of Sheboygan meeting? Leigh Hoftiezer and Jennifer Wilke
Jennifer wrote up minutes, which will be distributed. Overall the IS of Sheboygan is not feeling overly stressed about U.S. politics. They are accepted and working professionals within the community. Racism is a constant but Kohler Company has been hiring immigrants even if they do not speak English. Ramadan will be May 25 to June 26. Jennifer will find out what dates specifically we would be invited to attend the meal, Leigh will write an invitation to members in the Northliner. The Ozaukee Literacy Council is training people to teach English as a Second Language beginning on April 18, at 6:30 p.m. in Grafton at the Lutheran Church on Washington Ave. Dr. Mansoor Mirza from the ISS offered to speak at UCN.
Wi Transgender Workshop – Leigh Hoftiezer
Lucy, Dean, Joy, Carol would help for an end-of-September workshop. Jennifer suggested we have a video link for the workshop on the UCN website. Also contact FORGE and high schools’ Gay-Straight Alliance groups. Put letter in Northliner, announce from pulpit on June 4.
Leigh will step forward as chair for the next 2 years.
In discussion, it was emphasized that people in charge of different areas of SJC work need to keep the
committee and congregation informed.
Idea: have link to SJC minutes and resources we refer to in the Northliner.
(SJ projects not on today’s agenda: MICAH, NAACP, Letter writing, WI Transgender Health, All People’s Church, By-laws and SJ)
Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer

March 12, 2017 Meeting
Attended by committee members Carol Pawlak, Stephanie Richardson, Lucy Friedrichs, Dean Johnson, Jenny Elsner-Miller, Leigh Hoftiezer, Jennifer Wilke, and Joy Schroeder (Leadership Board Liaison)
1. Meeting will continue to be held on the 2nd Sunday of each month, 11:30 a.m. ~ 12:30 p.m.
2. BLM2WIUUs – April 1 speaker Lucy Friedrichs, Stephanie Richardson
Sign up for Kris Krass workshop all day 9:00 – 4:00 at Alverno College. Workshops in afternoon given by different groups on different topics. Lucy will send info from flyers to interested people. Carpooling is available. Info is in Northliner. A pamphlet has been created to be handed to people who come to UCN to complain about our support of BLM. It was written by Mary Devitt (former UCN member, First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee member now) and printed by Brian Bunzel.
3. All People’s Church – Stephanie Richardson
They have reached out to us several times over the past few years, most recently in the past 6 months. Stephanie emailed their contact, saw him recently and he said he acknowledged he needs to reply.
4. Letter writing project proposal – Stephanie Richardson
The Leadership Board is in favor of it. Wisconsin Voices (mission is to help secure democracy) could offer support. Leigh has info on Postcard Storm Session hosting.
5. ACLU presentation – Dean Johnson
Forty-three people attended at UCN to see Wifi presentation. Highly effective, many suggestions, including contacting local sheriff/police to get more information about lawfully demonstrating.
6. Activist Resources – Jennifer Wilke
Jennifer created a large list off the internet. There’s info on congressional bills, how to contact your representatives, ways to focus on swing states, promotion of issues in mid-terms, requesting town hall meetings, many other things. Carol Pawlak would like to distribute it to the Pastoral Listeners groups. Dean will ask Lyn Gust to put in the Northliner.
7. Fund for Social Justice – Lucy Friedrichs
One nomination: ACLU. Office is located in Milwaukee. The ACLU goes to different high schools in the area, hold workshops on different justice ideas, art projects with installation. The committee members will read it between now and the next meeting, when we will vote on this nomination.
8. Program Council – Lucy Friedrichs and Dean Johnson
Held yesterday, March 11. Everybody in attendance likes the work that we are doing. Pulpit speakers are needed; they liked the Bruce Knotts (UU-UN office) day; Finance Comm. said if we haven’t spent our budget, we don’t have to; 25% of pledges are not in yet; Lay Pastoral Care discussed sanctuary; discussion about by-laws – the chair of the committees would need to also be a Trustee
9. Portrait Gallery – Stephanie Richardson
There is money set aside for it. She suggested UCN might use the money for MLK Day and/or Black
History Month.
10. LGBT speaker June 4 – Leigh Hoftiezer and Joy Schroeder will coordinate efforts to find and schedule
a speaker.
11. Day of Learning – Leigh Hoftiezer will forward the e-brochure she received on this to the committee.
We decided to table discussion until the next meeting, in April.
12. Share the Plate – Mark Bruhy submitted the nomination of the Southern Poverty Law Center via
email. We voted to have the SPLC be the April STP recipient.
Future meeting topics
Postcard Storm Session and Letter writing project
Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer