Anna Rychner

“Awakening the Goddess Within,” Anna Rychner

Anna Rychner, a yoga and meditation instructor at UW-Milwaukee, the College of Health Sciences since 2006, is a member of UCN and on the Worship committee.  Her interest in Goddess myths dates back to her childhood, when maddonnas, martyrs and saints were abundant and served … read more.

Meditation, a Way of Life

Learn about life-long meditators and how they achieve higher states of consciousness free of sorrow and pain, infused with inner light.

Anna has taught and studied yoga/meditation in India and the US with teachers of various traditions. She’s been on two Kumbha Mela, spiritual tours of India, and studied with Christian and Buddhist teachers in the West. As ad hoc faculty in the College of Health Sciences at UW- Milwaukee, she teaches “Yoga for Stress Management” and “Meditation, the Journey Inward” courses. She also holds regular Gentle, Chair Yoga sessions for residents of Sarah Chudnow Senior Living Center in Mequon. And for the past 12 years she has facilitated fall women’s weekends in Northern Wisconsin. She is a retired RN and mother of 2 grown daughters. Her CD, “Relax and Breathe” provides meditative breathing and relaxation techniques for stress.