Rev. Drew Kennedy

“The Well and the Cathedral,” The Rev. Drew Kennedy

What’s spiritual (or religious) about Unitarian Universalism?  Moreover, is UUism legitimately a religion or simply an alternative to religion?  Drawing on an archetypal image from Ira Progoff, a depth psychologist who studied with C. G. Jung and D. T. Suzuki, please join us as our pulpit guest discusses one of the many fruitful ways of … Continued

“When Hearts Break,” The Reverend Dr. Andrew C. Kennedy

Our Pulpit Guest, the Reverend Drew Kennedy, will address a perennially important and poignant issue of what to do when our hearts break – our own and the hearts of others. The Reverend Drew Kennedy has served in the Unitarian Universalist ministry for more than 40 years.  Drew is now retired and serves as the … Continued

“How Do We Need to Live?” The Rev. Dr. Andrew C. Kennedy

Our Pulpit Guest and longtime friend of UCN, The Reverend Drew Kennedy, will invite us to think about how we ought to live our lives in light of the fact that life is precious and that all of us, one day, must die.  Centering on an amazing and poignant story of a woman at a … Continued

What I Believe

After five successive monthly appearances, The Reverend Drew Kennedy will return to our pulpit one more time this program year on Sunday, February 7, to wrap up our provocative “What Do You Believe?” sermon series. In his own words, Drew says: Having surveyed the congregation on some of your spiritual/religious beliefs when I last visited … Continued

Agnosticism and Humanism

Having explored both Eastern and Western views of God, including deism, pantheism, transcendentalism, and Nirvana, along with some non-theistic views such as atheism, existentialism, and a provocative Buddhist concept called Sunyata, this Sunday we will begin to wrap up our “What Do You Believe?” series with an appreciative consideration of agnosticism and humanism – both … Continued

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Join us and bring your extended family as we celebrate one of the simplest, yet most beautiful services of the year.  The Reverend Drew Kennedy, Minister Emeritus of the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee, will lead the service.  There will be special holiday music, carols, readings, a Christmas story, and candles for all those old … Continued

Atheism and Existentialism

Please join us in our ongoing monthly “What Do You Believe?” sermon series. The Rev. Drew Kennedy writes: “As we enter the challenging world of the atheists and existentialists, the latter certainly includes Sartre, Heidegger and Kierkegaard, and sometimes includes Nietzsche, Dostoevsky, and Camus.


the Rev. Dr. Kennedy tells us, “we turn Transcendentalism, a distinctive movement within Unitarianism that was a critically important part of both American intellectual history as well as our own Unitarian Universalist heritage.

Theism: Eastern Views of God

This week,” the Rev. Mr. Kennedy tells us, “we turn within to explore various Eastern views of God as conceived by the Hindus and Buddhists