UCN Fund for Social Justice

Members, if you would like to make a nomination for the Unitarian Church North Fund for Social Justice, please pick up a nomination form in the north lobby or call or email Lyn Gust, our administrative assistant, and she will email you a form. Nominations are to be received in the church office no later than January 15, 2018.

This fund was conceived of in late 1999 and officially established within the Greater Milwaukee Foundations in February of 2000. Congregation members donated their WI State tax-rebate checks (over $10,000) to create the Unitarian Church North Fund for Social Justice in order to address the discrepancy between the many social and economic needs of poor people and the return of $700,000,000 in tax rebates. Overwhelming needs that required addressing were hunger, homelessness, lack of affordable housing, substance abuse, lack of childcare, healthcare, and, transportation, to name a few.

These needs are still overwhelming! Consider nominating a human-services organization from the four-county greater Milwaukee area as a possible recipient. If you would care to make a financial donation, please make your check out to ‘Unitarian Church North Fund for Social Justice’ and send to Greater Milwaukee Foundation, 101 W. Pleasant St., Suite 210, Milwaukee, WI 53212. Our contact person there is Mr. Mark Maurice, 414-272-5805, or mmaurice@greatermilwaukeefoundation.org.


  1. Any UCN member may nominate an organization for consideration for the annual disbursement from the UCN Fund for Social Justice, held at the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. The nomination should be accompanied by a brief paragraph of rationale on this form and returned to the Social Justice Committee by email (info@ucnorth.org) or placed in the Social Justice mailbox in the church office. Nominations may be submitted at any time, but must be received by January 15 in order to be considered for that year’s disbursement.


  1. The Social Justice Committee will recommend a recipient(s) for the interest income generated from the Fund for Social Justice. The congregation will vote on the recommendation at its annual meeting in May. The committee recommendation will be voted on as a package recommendation and will not be subject to amendment. The recommendation will require a simple majority in order to pass. If rejected, no disbursement would be made that year and the interest income would be left in the Fund for the following year.


  1. Disbursements will be made in areas of human services and will be consistent with UCN’s vision and mission, and the mission of the UUSC, as outlined in the “Structure and Responsibilities of the Social Justice Committee.”


  1. Disbursements, generally, will be made to 501c3 charitable organizations in the Greater Milwaukee Area, although the committee may wish to support efforts that may not be organized as a 501c3.The Social Justice Committee may seek guidance from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation on the credibility of potential recipients.


  1. The Social Justice Committee will keep annual records of the disbursements. These will be part of the annual report of the Social Justice Committee to the congregation, and are made available to all members prior to the May annual meeting.


    Updated in December 2016 and adapted from the original guidelines passed by the UCN Leadership Board on April 10, 2000.