“Fire Communion,” Rev. Tony Larsen

Spark of life.     Divine light present in all.    Silence.     Stillness.     Magic paper set alight.   Past regrets released.    Vanishing.     No trace.    Hope restored. The fire ceremony is an annual ritual for many Unitarian Universalists. A tribute to our earth-centered sources, we echo the neo-pagan ritual of writing our regrets on paper, then burning the paper to … Continued

“Where Your Heart Is,” Rev. Jennifer Thomson

Unitarian Universalists have a reputation for deeply held—and vociferously voiced—convictions about social justice, religious exploration, and coffee hour. Despite UUs’ love of debate, we tend to hide from one topic crucial to congregational life. This topic involves values, some of the same values you expect to find here at UCN in, to cite a few, Religious … Continued