“The World Needs Help and I Can Give It,” Rev. Emmy Lou Belcher

  A service for all ages led by DRE Jackee Orozco and Rev. Emmy Lou Belcher. The title of this service is from Universalist minister Marion Shutter. Facing increasing loss of civil liberties, many of us feel depressed or crippled in response. People we know have shared some helpful tactics for all ages of justice-seekers. … Continued

“Born Free and Equal: Time for Resistance,” Bruce Knotts

“The war on drugs, the war on terror, mass incarceration, breaking down doors in black neighborhoods and spraying mace in grandma’s eyes and killing her grandson and doing the same in Iraqi neighborhoods and expecting these military solutions to produce anything good is madness of the first order.”

“Purim: The Jewish Mardi Gras,” Rev. Sarah Oelberg

Purim is a story about how humans have been able, without help from a God, to overcome adversity and find ways to make a better life, for themselves and others. Sarah Oelberg has been a special education teacher, has written special ed. curriculum for our U.S. Office of Education, was a faculty member at Yeshiva … Continued

“A Vision of Awakened Society,” Rev. Ann Tyndall

If Unitarian Universalist Principles grounded our society we could easily imagine it as just, inclusive, responsible and kind.  Shambhala Buddhism, too, is grounded in a vision of enlightened society, which is the ultimate goal of the path. What would such a society be like and how might we live our personal and public lives in … Continued

Robert Rauh, Milwaukee College