“How Did He Do It? A Sermon on Miracles,” Rev. Tony Larsen

Many people think Jesus’ miracles were supernatural events. But what if they were something else–and what if we actually witness them every day?

“Turning Life Upside Down,” Rev. Sarah Oelberg

The events that supposedly occurred that give us the Easter holiday, and especially the ways in which they have been interpreted and worshipped afterward drastically changed the ways in which people, especially Christians, view the world…

“Unexpected Turns in the Wilds of Life,” The Reverend Andrew C. Kennedy, D.Min.

Every once in a while we have an unexpected experience, or a series of unexpected experiences, that changes our lives forever.  Sometimes these transforming experiences are painful, but even then they can often prove to be valuable, teaching us something important about ourselves and others.  … read more.

“What Trafficking Survivors Teach about Worth, Dignity, Compassion and Justice”   Rachel Monaco-Wilcox

How do people heal from unspeakable harms that are occurring among us every day, and what is our role as community?

“Change the Story, Change the Future,” Earth Day, John Hoff

What if we wake up to the fact that our current story about time, money, and our Earth is flat-out wrong or at the very least suspect?

“Connecting Faith, Environmental Justice and Sustainability,” Huda Alkaff

How can the unifying powers of sunlight and water, as sacred gifts, bring people of faith and spirituality together to build relationships, strengthen community, and care for Earth, our common home.