“Civility and Democracy,” Rev. Sarah Oelberg

As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day, some comments on what it means and doesn’t mean, and how we might better honor our forefathers’ intents. Sarah Oelberg has been a special education teacher, has written special ed. curriculum for our U.S. Office of Education, was a faculty member at Yeshiva University in New York and … Continued

“Kirtan: Chanting to Connect to the Spiritual Within Us,” Anna Rychner and Kaita Bliffert

Kirtan is from the Sanscrit root meaning “to cut through” the idea, of separation from others by connecting in the moment through sound. Kirtan is an Eastern tradition using music and sound to uplift energy and provide emotional healing. It is done in a call and response format, providing safe and comfortable release in a … Continued

David Stokes

David Stokes is a UU, father, spouse, educator-entertainer, naturalist. He has his own business, The Frog Chorus Nature Education. He travels nationwide doing presentations for children, families and educators on our connections to nature.

“The Hidden Impacts of Segregation in Ozaukee County, “ Reginald Jackson

This sermon/presentation focuses on the history and long-term processes that artificially created segregation in America, taking a close look at the demographics of our region. We will learn how we differ from similar highly-segregated metropolitan areas such as Chicago and Detroit. Finally we will analyze the negative impacts of this segregation and how each of … Continued