“Building Your Own Theology on Holy Grounds,” Jackee Orozco

Join us for a taste of religious education and spiritual exploration in this out-of-the-ordinary service. Our sanctuary will temporarily transform into a coffeehouse-like atmosphere so that you can dive into your own beliefs and values, and your spiritual journey, in a supportive and confidential group setting. There will be opportunities to think deeply and listen actively while you journal, draw, and meditate on the big questions that we all ponder. Let us come together and marvel both at the commonalities and diversity among us.

“A Theology of Labor,” The Rev. James Galasinski

We’ll reflect on the meaning of work and the difficulties of living in a world with strict divisions of labor. With the globalization of labor, working poor, and income inequality it is time to rethink and find a new grounding for how we UUs think of work. Originally from Milwaukee, James has a Master of … Continued

Water Communion / Ingathering, Chuck Winter

September 10 is the beginning of the new church year and an important and exciting time to come together as a spiritual community. I hope you will join us for our traditional intergenerational ingathering and water communion service. Please bring a small amount of water from those special places that have refreshed or challenged your spirit. We will celebrate each other and our community by ceremoniously mingling these waters in a creative way.

“The Well and the Cathedral,” The Rev. Drew Kennedy

What’s spiritual (or religious) about Unitarian Universalism?  Moreover, is UUism legitimately a religion or simply an alternative to religion?  Drawing on an archetypal image from Ira Progoff, a depth psychologist who studied with C. G. Jung and D. T. Suzuki, please join us as our pulpit guest discusses one of the many fruitful ways of … Continued