“Cherish Your Doubts,” David Kraemer

 Church is a place of steady rhythm and the annual observance of cycles and seasons. For us especially, as Unitarian Universalists, it also is a place of challenge and questioning. Why do we do the things we do? How deep do we go? How do we keep it real? This service will celebrate a traditional … Continued

“Coming Back to Life,” Rev. Karen J. McFarland

I’m going to be speaking about the work of deep ecologist, Buddhist scholar/ practitioner, and environmental activist, Joanna Macy’s work.  Macy’s work involves helping people to overcome anger and despair in troubled times, to face the future with hope and courage, and to recognize there are soulmates along the way – many of them sitting … Continued

“Two Sons, One Wise Father: A Sermon for Mothers and Sisters (as well as Fathers and Brothers and All the Rest of Us),” Rev. John Corrado

What if we turn an old story on its side and find in it an example of relational dynamics — a story with characters we truly recognize — and may even be US?