“The Virgin Birth and How Jesus Became God,” The Rev. Drew Kennedy

In this month of Christmas, honoring the birth of Jesus, it is especially fitting to review the back stories to the Virgin Birth and to how Jesus was gradually transformed from a teacher into a God, exchanging the vision for the visionary, the message for the messenger. It is a fascinating and liberating story. The … Continued

“Are You The Messiah?” Rev. Bobbie Groth

Based on a folktale, this service explores the history of the Winter Solstice celebration and its embodiment of the renewal of life and spirit. Rev. Dr. Bobbie Groth is a UU Community minister who has served victims of violence, and has been involved in interfaith relations, and other issues in the Milwaukee area for over … Continued

R.E. Holiday Pageant “All Aboard: A UU Journey to the North Pole”

This year’s children’s pageant will be The Polar Express.  In this story, a child embarks on a magical adventure to the North Pole on the Polar Express. During their adventure the children learn about community, wonder and courage–all themes from our Religious Education Curriculum this year.  We will take several meditative intermissions in which we … Continued

Xmas Eve Service, Rev. David Hunter and Rev. Kerry Mueller

Welcome to Christmas Eve, a time for all, for believers and skeptics, for the young and the old.  Here is a story of exploration and boldness, and how Eckhart the Mouse learns the true meaning of Crumbfest.  You are invited to bring offerings for a Mitten Tree, gifts of hats and scarves and mittens or … Continued

All Soul’s Cafe

A talent show by and for members and guests.