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Leadership Board Minutes (approved)

7 May 2020

Unitarian Church North Leadership Board Minutes


Present: Rev. Tony Larsen; Brian Monroe, Dean Johnson; Dan Lusk; Pat Mumm Lovely; Amber Elsner-Miller; Julie Zumach; Ed Ahrenhoerster; Leigh Hoftiezer; Kristin Gasser; Janet Jensen; Rosa Gomez; Jean Woodmansee; Brian Bunzel (part); Peter Blain


Absent: Jackee Orozco


Call to Order … read more.

Parson to Person: “On Gifts” 5-1-20

As we are all sheltering in place during the pandemic, I have noticed some small things, small gifts, that have lifted my spirits a bit: someone making masks for others, someone donating money in that person’s name, someone shopping for a person who can’t get … read more.

Share the Plate Recipients

Share the Plate Update for July and August, 2020

In the months that UCN has been closed due to COVID-19, members and friends have been asked to mail in checks for offertory each week. To continue our work to support other organizations doing important social justice … read more.

Parson to Person:  More Things to Learn from Children 4-24-20

One of you responded to my last Parson-to-Person column on children’s mis-hearing of things adults say (“Howard be thy name,” for example, instead of “Hallowed be thy name”). She wrote:

I just read your Parson-to-Person, and I have to tell you my phrase that I misunderstood when I … read more.

Parson to Person: “Howard be thy Name” 4-17-20

I have always been intrigued by the ways children sometimes mis-hear the words to prayers, songs, and sayings (“Howard be thy name” being a misunderstanding of “Hallowed be thy name,” for example). Someone once told me about an expression HE had misunderstood as a child. … read more.