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‘Action of Immediate Witness’ Resolution

At its October 22, 2020 meeting, members of the Unitarian Church North Leadership Board voted unanimously to endorse the Unitarian Universalist Association’s “Action of Immediate Witness” resolutions, and to support the addition of an amendment to the United States Constitution establishing that corporations are not … read more.

UCN Fund for Social Justice

Nominations for Unitarian Church North Fund for Social Justice

Guidelines for making a nomination to the Unitarian Church North Fund for Social Justice can be obtained by emailing Lyn Gust, UCN’s Administrative Assistant, at This fund was created at UCN … read more.

Cash Calendar Update 2020

The Cash Calendar Raffle this year is the primary fundraiser for our church. The pandemic is causing a lot of financial hardship for everyone, including UCN and its renters. Currently rental income is non-existent. Your support is most definitely needed now. Please purchase as many … read more.

Parson to Person: “Kinky Turtles,” Sept. 25, 2020

Back in April I wrote a couple Parson-to-Person columns on things children often mis-hear (like “Howard be thy name” for “Hallowed be thy name,” “Deliver us from email” for “Deliver us from evil,” and “He leadeth me beside distilled water” for “beside still waters”).  Turns … read more.

UCN Social Justice Grant given to Bridge the Divide

Bridge the Divide received the 2020 UCN Fund for Social Justice Grant from Unitarian Church North! These funds will support their essential work for racial repair, reconstruction and reconciliation. Thanks to Lucy, Leigh, and Jennifer of the Social Justice Committee for representing UCN and presenting … read more.

Parson to Person: “A Tiniest Bit of Hope,” September 11, 2020

Last week I explained why I sometimes wear a clerical (“Roman”) collar at public events, explaining that it’s one of the few universally recognized public symbols of religious leadership, and it’s important sometimes for the public to see that religions are involved in social-justice issues–that religion … read more.