A Catechism for UUs

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Date(s) - 03/10/2021
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


I would like to offer a different course that I hope some of you will find interesting. It’s called “A Catechism for Unitarian Universalists”–published by the UUA in 1989, co-written by myself and the UU Director of Religious Education at my former church (Ellen Schmidt, who actually started her UU career at UCN over 40 years ago!).

Now, you may be asking yourself: How could UUs ever have a catechism? We don’t have one answer to questions about God, afterlife, scripture, etc. However, we are often asked these questions, so it’s a good idea to have a few answers ready when we are. Remember: the word “answer” has at least two meanings: one is a definitive explanation of something; one is simply a response to a question. Most UUs do not feel they have absolute religious explanations; but they can give responses to questions asked of them. This course will help you develop your own answers. For example, our first session (on Wednesday, March 3rd) will start with the frequently asked question; “Do UUs believe in God?” How would you answer that while being true to our theological diversity? Saying “No, we don’t” would exclude the theists among us. Saying “Yes, we do” would exclude the agnostics and atheists among us. And how would you include the pagans and polytheists for whom the singular “God” might not fit the bill? Is there a way to be inclusive of our theological variety, while perhaps expressing your own personal view at the same time? I believe there is; and thus this course.

This class will be held on 4 Wednesday nights in March, from 6:30 pm to 8 pm (our usual Wednesday Night Worship time). The “catechism” questions we will cover will be:

March 3: “Do UUs Believe in God?”

and “Do UUs Believe in Prayer?”


March 10: “Do UUs Believe in the Bible?”

and “Do UUs Believe in Jesus?”

(sometimes asked as “Are UUs Christian?”)


March 17: “Do UUs Believe in an Afterlife?”

(sometimes asked as “Do UUs Believe in Heaven or Hell?”)

and “How Did Your Religion Get Started?”

(sometimes asked as “How Old Is Your Religion?” or “What’s Your History?” or “What Does Unitarian Universalist Mean?”)


March 24 “What Do UUs Believe?” (and other sundry questions)


For those who have attended our February programs on “Our Theological House,” this class will be a natural follow-up. However, it is not necessary to have attended these earlier classes to sign up for this one; in fact, you don’t have to be able to make it to all 4 sessions, in order to get something out of this program. And just so you know, there will be some humor in this class, because we will play a UU version of the game “Call My Bluff”–in which you will be asked to pick the “right” answer out of 3 or 4 possible ones and then defend your choice. (Spoiler alert: The answer to the question “Do you believe in the Devil?” is not “Yes, we believe in the Devil, but we differ from other churches in that we don’t think the Devil is a bad person.”)


If you plan to attend this class, please let Lyn know at the church office, since we will want to email you some materials before each session.