Our Vision

“Unitarian Church North provides the light of religious freedom in the warmth of a caring community.”

Our Mission

The mission of Unitarian Church North is to:

  • create a diverse and inclusive community;
  • promote free religious expression;
  • inspire spiritual and ethical growth; and
  • work for justice in our world.

Our Covenant

In support of congregational life at Unitarian Church North, we value the open exchange of ideas, and we respect the deliberative process.

We make the following commitments to one another:

  • We create an atmosphere where all of us feel included, safe, respected, and accepted, and in doing so, are mindful of each other’s personal space.
  • We remember that building a welcoming community requires active participation and stewardship. We give generously of ourselves and our resources, and we inspire others to do the same.
  • After expressing our opinions, we work toward consensus. We practice the democratic process for decision-making, understanding that we will then support the final decision.
  • We recognize that at times we will agree to disagree.
  • When conflict occurs, we work directly with each other and attempt to resolve issues through our “conflict resolution process”.
  • We are imperfect human beings. We forgive ourselves and each other, and when necessary we begin again in love.

Our Bylaws

UCN Bylaws Approve 8/28/2020