Safely, Securely, Confidently – Voting in 2020

2020 is a very different year, especially for our election procedures. We know you want to vote safely. Please find below information on 3 ways to vote safely.
With all of the talk about fraud and mail-in ballots – , the flyer on the process of absentee ballots proves it is secure. There is a miniscule possibility of fraud. The process is secure.
The other concern this year is – can the post office handle all of the mail-in ballots? The solution – call your Clerk and ask where their drop box is for you to put your mail-in ballot in with confidence.
Your clerk’s contact information is on


Short video (2min) on Absentee Ballots in Wisconsin

Voter Resource Poster

Safe Voting 101

Safe Voting 101 (espaƱol)

How are Wisconsin Absentee Ballots Processed?