“As If,” Rev. Tony Larsen

“As if.” Two words, two syllables, four letters. Such a small phrase, yet it can sometimes help us navigate the ups and downs of our lives. Tony’s sermon will explore the power of “as if” to change what is; its use in making new scientific discoveries (think Albert Einstein); and its spiritual implications (especially as it impacts our first UU principle of inherent worth and dignity).

This Sunday is also our annual Fire Communion Sunday, when we reflect on the year that has just passed, and look forward to the hope of a new year. The congregation will be invited to participate in a ceremony to let go of the past, writing phrases on a scrap of paper to represent something (or some things) that you’d like to cast into the fire.

Now, since this is a virtual service, we will have to make a few adaptations. We can’t really mail out a piece of flash paper to every household, so you will have to provide your own paper. Make it small, of course. And when it’s time to cast it away, here are some possible ways to do it:

1) burn it (in an ash tray if you have one); or

2) tear it into tiny bits and throw it into the garbage; or

3) tear it into bits and flush it down the toilet  (We know, we know, water is not the same as fire, but this way is pretty symbolic!); or

4) some combination of the above.


Read the full sermon here