“Love and Sustainability: Climate Change vs. the Fossil Fuels Economy,” Ricardo Fraguas Poole

On October 25th we welcome our first virtual international speaker, Spanish journalist and sustainability ambassador Ricardo Fraguas Poole. He is the author of a book with the same title as his talk today, hosts a weekly radio program called Zero Emissions, and is dedicated full-time to promoting the need for a zero emission world and a universal standard of human rights. Mr. Fraguas Poole’s work came to the attention of the UCN Cabaniss family during their recent year in Spain, and comes to us as one of the pluses of virtual worship!

Ricardo Fraguas Poole was born in Madrid to a ‘renaissance’ family, surrounded by love of learning, sport, arts and sciences — not surprising, for the son of a nurse/artist mother and a surgical ophthalmologist/meteorologist father.  His early dedication to tennis, which continues today, earned him scholarships at Louisiana State and Texas Southern universities, where he studied English literature, biology, history, computer science, and sociology.  He subsequently graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid in the fields of communication, information sciences and journalism, and holds a Masters’ degree in business administration with a specialization in audiovisual companies, from the University of Salamanca. He has devoted his professional life to the practice and teaching of communications and journalism, first as an international reporter published in the Washington Post and US News and World Report, followed by television news reporting which aired in Spain and the US, and also to teaching journalism at the Antonio de Nebrija University. During the last 10 years he has devoted all of his efforts and personal resources to the promotion and diffusion of sustainability, working toward the energy paradigm shift necessary to eradicate extreme poverty and safeguard life on our planet.


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