“Contemplation and Action: Pursuing Peace and Justice Today,” Patrick Kennelly

While many recognize the phrases “If you want peace, work for justice” and “No justice, no peace,” these oft-repeated social justice sentiments may lose their potency over time. As a community, we must fully embrace these words as we work for social justice. They are a call for us to be change agents in society, to care for those on the margins, and to take an active and, when necessary, public role in our communities. Kennelly will reflect on how a peacemaking approach can be used in responding to the challenges of our day, including issues of war, addressing racism, sexism, climate change, and inequality.

Patrick Kennelly is director of the Marquette Center for Peacemaking, an academic research center focused on exploring the power of nonviolence. His research and teaching focuses on nonviolence, community revitalization, youth violence prevention, leadership, and social movements. He believes that nonviolence and peacemaking offer creative ways to solve pressing social problems and create communities that are healthier, stronger, and more equitable.


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