“The Political Mind: The Psychology and Neuroscience of Political Preferences,” Philip Chard

We will examine stark differences in perspective, beliefs and brain functioning between liberals, conservatives and moderates. Neuroscientific and psychological research has revealed these differences at both the psychological and neurological levels, with some surprising findings. Do we acquire our political beliefs from our social environment or are they hardwired into the brain? Can these beliefs change? If so, how does this happen? We will address these and other pressing questions affecting our polarized political environment.

Philip Chard is a practicing psychotherapist.  He writes an award-winning weekly column titled “Out Of My Mind,” that can be found on his webpage.  He is author of The Healing Earth, which won the 1995 Midwest Publishers Award, and Nature’s Ways, which examines the spiritual aspects of nature interaction. Philip is a contributing writer to Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul, has been a guest expert on ABC Television’s 20/20, and has presented at the Brookings Institution, among many other venues.