“Celebrating the Cycles of Sun and Moon,” Selena Fox

Exploring ancient and contemporary ways of celebrating the sacred circle of life and living in harmony with the rhythms of Nature.  Developing personal spiritual stories and practices of greeting the day and night, celebrating the seasons, attuning to lunar phases, and delighting in the beauty of sunshine and moonlight.

Rev. Selena Fox is Senior Minister of Circle Sanctuary, a rural church near Barneveld, Wisconsin serving Nature Spirituality practitioners worldwide since 1974.  Selena teaches about Nature communion, Pagan spirituality, Ecopsychology, and Wellness through writings, ceremonies, podcasts, social media, and online events.  Over the years, Selena has spoken at UUA conferences, including General Assembly, and has served as guest minister at a variety of Unitarian Universalist churches across the USA.  She is among the contributors to Pagan and Earth-centered Voices in Unitarian Universalism.  Selena has a MS in counseling from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and works with clients of diverse backgrounds.  Selena is an activist for gender and racial equality, religious freedom, interfaith collaboration, and environmental preservation.  She serves on the Board of Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice and the leadership team of the national chaplaincy network, COMISS.


Sunday service timeline:

9:50 – Join for informal conversation (optional)

10:00 – Service begins

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