“Waters of Renewal,” Water Communion/Backpack Blessing, Rev. Tony Larsen

Normally on this in-gathering Sunday, we all bring water to the service–water from the places we’ve traveled to this summer, or simply tap water from home or church that represents change in our lives. At the service each of us pours our water into a common container, to represent our “interdependent web of existence.” Because of COVID restrictions, we will do this by zoom. Feel free to bring a cup or jar of water–we will still have a chance to speak personally of the water we bring, but we will have to imagine the “blending” this year. That’s OK, since all the water we have is at least 4 billion years old, and it will all blend on its own naturally later on. (Not many of us have traveled very far this summer, I suspect, but if you did and you have a picture or an item to represent that place, feel free to show that too when you “take the microphone” at this service. I plan to show one of my late sister Alice’s paintings.) “Renewal” is our theme for September here at UCN, and I believe our gathering of the waters will help us do that too.


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