“Source Four: Jewish and Christian Teachings,” Rev. Tony Larsen

In this fourth in Tony’s series exploring our 6 UU sources, Tony will examine

“Jewish and Christian teachings

which call us to respond to God’s love

by loving our neighbors as ourselves.”

Wow, there are so many questions here. Among them: Does this statement imply that we all believe in a personal (i.e., loving) God?  Also, since “wisdom from the world’s religions” was mentioned in the third source, why was it necessary to single out the Judeo-Christian tradition right after it? And, how do you answer the question “Are you a Christian church?” (If you say no, that may be heard as “Christians are not welcome”; if you say yes, it may be heard as “We all believe in the divinity of Jesus”–neither of which would be accurate!)  Still another issue may be how you decide to answer the question personally: “Do you consider yourself a Christian?” (This may not be a yes-or-no answer for some of us.)


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