“The Extraordinary Lives of Ordinary Women,” Rev. Karen Mooney

Hospitality and compassion are ideas that must be embodied. In discrete and whole-hearted ways people know if they are welcome, if there is a place at the table. Sisters Karen Mooney and Sue Dunmore explore what they learn from the women who inhabit their lives and how that wisdom lives in the world.

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Rev. Mooney works with the Unitarian Universalist Advocacy Network of IL as they seek to build community for justice. She is also honored to offer circles of care for those living in prisons and jails, and supporting all those affected by incarceration. Karen is a life-long Unitarian Universalist who learned the art of church from her very involved parents. She has been educated far and wide, working and playing, listening and walking with people. She loves that UU communities are places where you find people who are alive and seeking throughout their lives. She has worked as a chaplain, a congregational minister and a web platform manager. Each one was a joy and difficult for different reasons.