“You Clearly Don’t Understand Tacos,” Rev. Tony Larsen

This sermon is on a subject chosen by the highest bidders (Dan and Dana Lusk) on the sermon request at UCN’s 2020 Services Auction. Here’s what they requested:

Sermon Topic: “You Clearly Don’t Understand Tacos.” Please write a sermon based on the following fictional conversation posted on the Unitarian Universalist Hysterical Society Coffee Hour Facebook Group:

Theist: How can you handle death being the end?

Tacotarian: Tacos.

Theist: Haha. Seriously, what’s the point of living?

Tacotarian: Tacos. You have to die for your heaven. I just need tacos.

Theist: Come one. Really? Why be good if there is no hell?

Tacotarian: There are no taco trucks in prison.

Theist: You seriously don’t understand God.

Tacotarian: You clearly don’t understand tacos.

Dan and Dana added this little postscript to the above:

There should always be a touch of humor in seeking spiritual meaning in the questioning of our soul’s purpose. Do the tacos represent the Tacotarian’s answer for their life’s or soul’s purpose? What do you think?

So Tony will do his best to “theologize” on Tacotarianism, hoping that, with a little humor, we can address some of the existential questions about life and death.


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