Social Justice Committee Minutes

Anti-Racism Meeting Minutes 7/28/20
UCN Social Justice Committee, via Zoom
1. Attended by Lucy Friedrichs, Jennifer Wilke, Sherryl Andrus, Courtenay Teska, Rev. Tony Larsen, Carol Pawlak, Leigh Hoftiezer
2. Clearing the air from the July 12 meeting
Leigh spoke with Jackee Orozco, R.E. Director of UCN, and discovered that Jackee had sent a message via chat after one of the church services, which Leigh did not see or read. Given that Jackee indicated in that message that she wanted to participate in the next Social Justice Comm. Meeting, and that Leigh always adds people and items to the agenda ahead of time when she is aware of the need, they agreed that future requests from Jackee should go via text, email, or phone call.
3. Jackee’s proposed work at UCN
*Adult Spiritual Enrichment Wednesday nights and/or every other Sunday’s coffee hour, then during a forum discussion on alternate weeks. Discussion will be regarding different aspects of racism. Announcements by Jackee to be in the Northliner.
*Youth anti-racism education as able.
4. Anti-Racism Rubric for UU Congregations and the UUA 8th Principle will be discussed at the upcoming Leadership Board Retreat on August 1, 2020.
5. Getting the word out about social justice Social Justice Webpage/Anti-Racism and Social Justice
Two options per Andrew Smith:
a. Google doc – webpage visitors would have to click on a link that would take them to the Google document. It would not be part of the church website and would require the visitor to be comfortable using an outside program. All sermon transcripts are on Google docs. Defined persons would be able to edit it.
b. Direct use of webpage with information embedded there under “Recent News” and “Events.” We would define what was listed and could include outside links. Easier for non-techy visitors to use but would require a little training (volunteered by Andrew) to set it up and keep it current.
UCN has a Facebook page which is underutilized. If it could be updated and managed in order to include all UCN information, including social justice topics, AND if UCN members are willing to use it, it could be a very useful tool.
Committee observations and suggestions:
*Enlarge the Facebook icon on UCN’s homepage.
*If FB is used for a variety of topics, it would feel more accessible to more people.
*Currently UCN’s FB page has the most recent sermon listed at the top of the page.
*Courtenay is willing to be the SJC Facebook page point person.
What content do we want to disseminate, what is our intention:
Educate to combat systemic racism as individuals, in the congregation and within communities.
Suggested resources
a. Resources list from Rosa Gomez
b. Events listing for our area (Ozaukee Co., Milwaukee Co.) Jennifer will gather
and provide information about events in Ozaukee County, publishing it in the Northliner with links to sponsored events.
c. Link to action list from First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee
d. Anti-Racism discussion groups/blogs
e. UU the Vote has access to a list of activities to help people keep current
f. Black Lives Matter has a list of activities/actions that is updated daily.
6. Develop an Anti-Racism Working Group with additional church members. Keep apprised of BLM2WUU work. Lucy will report on the upcoming BLM2WUU statement on reparations.
7. MICAH – Relational Voter Program – Leigh and Rev. Tony
Training for all interested parties Wednesday, 7/29, 6:30 p.m.
8. Ozaukee Community Conversations about race. Next discussion will be Wed., July 29
Brian will send the link to the committee.
Future meetings – Committee: 9/6/20 @ 11:30 via Zoom
Election forum: 10/11/20 @ 11:20 via Zoom after coffee hour
Committee: 10/18/20 @ 11:30 via Zoom
Attached to email:
Meeting agenda
Anti-Racism Rubric for UU Congregations v2.pdf
Proposed 8th Principle

Social Justice Committee Meeting Minutes
July 12, 2020, 11:20 a.m. via Zoom 1. Chalice lighting and reading – Carol Pawlak 2. Attending the meeting as members: Leigh Hoftiezer, Carol Pawlak, Lucy Friedrichs, Sherryl Andrus, Brian Monroe, Rev. Tony Larsen, Jean Woodmansee Visitors: Jackee Orozco, Jennifer Wilke, Courtenay Teska, Sheri Yelton Mounts 3. Minutes from June 14, 2020 were approved by committee. Leigh will send them out as a PDF to UCN, the SJC and SJ Friends group. 4. Share the Plate – Jean Woodmansee
Kids Matter donation total from May and June, 2020 $810
5. Food donation destination – the committee voted to continue having non-perishable food donations go to the Bethesda Church of God in Christ, as we have for years, to maintain our support of their community. 6. Discussion about congregational response after today’s sermon by Rev. Tony, “Black Lives and White Lies.” Suggestions made and supported include establishing partnership with a black inner city church, attending YWCA Zoom face-to-face discussions, establishing a learning tab @ that would include resource links (such as videos, literature, Rosa Gomez’ anti-racism list from Marquette University). The committee began discussion on how to get resources onto the website – possibly a Google document link that could be edited by committee members – Courtenay and Sherryl will look into this. Racist Ally groups were suggested by Jennifer Wilke. There is a need for each of us, globally, to learn about our own racism. Jackee discussed resources available from First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee, which we might be able to establish a link to. Create an events listing of current the social action schedule. Sherryl Andrus can send out direct emails to members of the Short Notice Social Action group, and will post a reminder about signing up for it in the Northliner. Lucy suggested we speak directly with people to invite them to be involved. Jackee will be leading Adult Spiritual Enrichment classes on Wednesday nights and/or every other Sunday, alternating with the coffee hour. Courtenay informed us that the UUA’s UU the Vote effort has access to a list of current activities, which they keep current. 7. Anti-Racism Working Group (a.k.a. Anti-Racist Ally Group) – Lucy Friedrichs
Suggested reading: White Fragility
We can collaborate with R.E. in our anti-racism work. 8. Community Conversation Circles about Race (attached documents) – Brian Monroe
Mostly women were involved and the Zoom meeting was well managed. Break out rooms with facilitators were created to facilitate discussion. The next one will be July 29. Brian will send a link to it.
9. MICAH’s Relational Voting Program (RVP) – Rev. Tony Larsen
The intention of this program is to increase voter turnout in November. UCN needs team leaders to get additional people involved, who would commit to contacting others who are unlikely to vote, shepherding them through the process from now until the November election. Training will be provided online. Tony will get the link to us. The SJC voted to participate in this. Leigh volunteered to be a team leader. 10. UU the Vote – Sherryl Andrus Sherryl discussed the valuable 153-page guide published by UU the Vote and agreed to share pertinent documents via email and Facebook to help spread the word.
11. Election Forum July 19, 2020 (for Partisan Primary Election Aug. 11) – tag onto coffee hour
– Issues to cover a. Current voting process in Wisconsin, last court ruling re: voting – to be presented by Sherryl
Process to register and vote b. Resources – (Sherryl with League of Women Voters information),, – Leigh will create a page listing them How to request an absentee ballot How Absentee Ballots are Processed in Wisconsin Safe Voting 101
c. Specific candidate info Courtenay – Milwaukee; Lucy – Brown Deer (House Dist. 4, Senate Dist. 8, Assembly Dist. 24); Sherryl – Sheboygan; Carol – Bay Shore area; Brian – Mequon; Joy Schroeder – West Bend (Leigh will ask her and Betsy Muellenbach)
d. Northliner article will be submitted for this Friday.
New: Courtenay Teska and Sheri Yelton Mounts joined the committee
Next meeting date TBD.
Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer, SJC Chairperson
Documents sent with email to committee members Agenda 7.12.20 Minutes 6.14.20 Oz. Comm. Conversations About Race Community Conversation Circles

UCN Social Justice Committee Meeting Agenda DRAFT
June 14, 2020, 11:15 a.m. via Zoom

1. Carol Pawlak provided the chalice lighting words, reading #518 from the UCN hymnal.
2. Meeting attended by Leigh Hoftiezer, Brian Monroe, Sherryl Andrus, Carol Pawlak, Rev. Tony Larsen. Unavailable: Lucy Friedrichs and Jean Woodmansee
3. Minutes from May 10, 2020 – approved with earlier revisions by committee
4. Share the Plate (STP) – Jean Woodmansee provided nomination forms for us
Port Fish – approved for November and December 2020
Lotus Legal – approved for July and August 2020
Divine Intervention – approved for September and October 2020
As long as UCN Sunday services are not back to face-to-face attendance with resumption of regular offertory donations, we will continue carrying each STP nomination for two months.
Carol Pawlak is working on two nominations for the coming months.
5. Sherryl Andrus has been keeping the Short Notice Social Action Group up-to-date with several podcasts, webinars and Zoom meetings on social justice topics.
6. UCN’s Social Justice Committee will be receiving an award for the Baha’I’ Temple’s Spirit of Unity Award, in recognition of the showing of 5 documentaries last year (Four of the “This is Home” series with Bridge the Divide, and “The Rape of Recy Taylor” with support from Lotus Legal and Wisdom).
7. In July we are scheduled to host a political forum regarding the August election. Notes from last April:
** The next election forum will be scheduled for July 19, 2020, at 11:30 a.m., most likely as a ZOOM meeting after the service. ** Sherryl will write and submit an article for the Northliner regarding when, how and why to request an absentee ballot for future elections.
8. How can we support one another and our social justice passions in these difficult times?
General discussion began but we ran out of time. To be continued.
9. The next meeting will be held July 12, 2020, 11:20 a.m. via ZOOM. Invitation will follow.
Attached via email:
Agenda for June 14, 2020
Revised minutes from May 10, 2020
Share the Plate nomination forms for Lotus Legal and Divine Intervention