Social Justice Meeting Minutes – January 2021

PDF of meeting minutes


January 10, 2021, 11:30 a.m. via Zoom

Meeting ID: 836 5817 0175

This is a recurring meeting, so the link above will be the same for every subsequent meeting.
1. Attended by Leigh Hoftiezer, Jean Woodmansee, Rev. Tony Larsen, Lucy Friedrichs, Brian Monroe,
Jennifer Wilke, Courtenay Teska, Sherryl Andrus, Sheri Yelton-Mounts, Carol Pawlak
2. The minutes from our December 13, 2020 meeting were approved as written.
3. Share the Plate (STP) – Jean Woodmansee
Port Fish collection from November and December 2020 – $1,275.00
Jean wrote a cover letter to accompany the check and asked them to confirm with her
that they received it.
Year-end 2020 total: $5,979.40
Already approved by committee:
Family Promise, January and February 2021
Guatemalan Medical Resource Project, March and April 2021
Nuns Network (a.k.a. Nuns on the Bus), May and June 2021
Old business:
* Voces de la Frontera received the funds of $987.83 originally collected for United we
Dream in November 2018, due to the inability to mail a check to an active address.
Jean wrote a cover letter to accompany the check and asked them to confirm with her
that they received it.
* Corrected and updated STP spreadsheet
Sheri noted an error in the math for 2015. Leigh agreed to investigate and correct as
The spreadsheet will be editable by the committee chairperson and the Share the Plate
coordinator, as appropriate. It will be made available for others to peruse on the UCN
website, Social Justice page (Leigh will submit it). The congregation will be asked to
consider nominations from the various fields, but will not be limited to any certain
4. Fund for Social Justice – Lucy
With the deadline of January 15 approaching, Lucy reported there are no nominations yet. Both
Jennifer and Jean volunteered to make nominations by the deadline.
5. Next year’s SJC Budget – Leigh
After reviewing the current, 2019-2020 budget, and considering additional needs, we created a
budget for 2021-22. Leigh will put it to paper, Jennifer and Sherryl will review and edit it, and
Leigh will submit it to the Finance Committee by the deadline of January 26, 2021.
6. Wisconsin UU Social Action Network – interview with Jim Black, Director – Leigh
In a conversation with Jim Black of WUUSAN, our large number of current activities and
accomplishments were discussed. Many of these are already discussed on UCN’s website, but
Leigh provided further background and shared the document “Anti-Racism Rubric for UU
Congregations” and the accompanying tally sheet. Jim was very complimentary of our work and

would be sharing it with the other 29-30 Wisconsin UU congregations who are members of
7. Martin Luther King Day celebrations/commemorations – Brian Monroe
1. Ozaukee County with Bridge the Divide – January 17, 4:00 p.m.
“Keep the Dream Alive. Be a Difference Maker”
RSVP: (zoom link will follow in email confirmation)
2. Milwaukee/North Shore Family Event – January 17, 7:00 p.m.
“Interfaith Devotional: The Faith and Vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”
Online event flyer: Register in advance
3. MLK Day invitation from Oz Co Branch of the NAACP Monday, January 18 at 5:00 p.m. Our
very own Lucy Friedrichs will be sworn in as the 1st VP for 2021-2023. You are encouraged
to register at Eventbrite.
8. The United Methodist Church of Whitefish Bay is sponsoring an 8-week speaker series on issues of
race that is free and open to all. It begins on January 28 with a presentation by Reggie Jackson
and continues with other experts speaking about criminal justice, education, employment,
housing, health and welfare and religion. The Interfaith Devotional for Martin Luther King will
be the perfect lead in to this series.
9. SJC Committee Chair Responsibilities
Given that, per UCN’s current by-laws, Leigh has to step down as committee chairperson on
June 30, all committee members are asked to consider taking over the role either by themselves
or with a co-chair. Some responsibilities can be rewritten as needed. If nobody steps forward,
the Nominating Committee will be required to get a UCN member who is not currently on the
committee to fill the role.
10. Election forum
The next Wisconsin primary election is scheduled for February 16, 2021. Sherryl already
encouraged UCN members to consider running for one of thousands of uncontested or totally
vacant seats in Wisconsin through the Northliner. Courtenay and Leigh will work together to
determine which elections will need to be addressed through the next election forum, not yet
Sherryl will submit another article to the Northliner to remind people that they will need to
renew their request for absentee ballots this year if they wish to vote in this manner.
Our next meeting is scheduled for February 14, 2021.

Attachments discussed at the meeting were:
Minutes from Dec. 13, 2020 meeting
STP Active Record All Recipients Excel Spreadsheet
2019-2021 UCN Budget Request Form PDF
2021-2022 UCN Budget Request Form Word document
Race in America Series
Committee Chair responsibilities

Respectfully submitted by Leigh Hoftiezer, Chairperson