Speaker: Rev. Tony Larsen

“As Is,” Rev. Tony Larsen

At our Fire Communion service this past January, Tony gave a sermon titled “As If.”  Two small words, two small syllables, four single letters–yet large in meaning. Well, this Fathers’ Day Tony will give a sermon on two other small words: “As Is”–also large in … read more.

“On the Road to Emmaus,” Rev. Tony Larsen

On this Easter Sunday, Tony will explore the story of the disciples who “encountered” Jesus on their way to Emmaus, after his death on the cross–but through some very human experiences, including those of the physicist Richard Feynmann, a New York medical student, a UU … read more.

“Here Comes the Sun,” Rev. Tony Larsen

On this Sunday before the beginning of spring, Tony’s sermon will explore early Easter/Eostre/Ostara traditions celebrating the equinox, and what they might mean for us today. In other words, he says, what is “springing” up for you?  ~Intergenerational Sunday


read the full sermon here