Speaker: Rev. Tony Larsen

 “A Couple Love Stories,” Rev. Tony Larsen

This Sunday is Valentine’s Day, when we tend to think of young romantic love. But there are other kinds of love to celebrate as well–which our minister, Tony Larsen, will help us explore this Sunday.  ~Intergenerational Sunday


Sunday service timeline:

9:50 – Join for informal conversation (optional)

10:00 … read more.

“As If,” Rev. Tony Larsen

“As if.” Two words, two syllables, four letters. Such a small phrase, yet it can sometimes help us navigate the ups and downs of our lives. Tony’s sermon will explore the power of “as if” to change what is; its use in making new scientific … read more.

Christmas Eve, Rev. Tony Larsen

Dec. 24: 7:00 pm Christmas Eve, “Be An Angel, Won’t You?” Rev. Tony Larsen

Celebrate Christmas Eve with candles, carols, and community, plus a perspective on the “first” Christmas from the point of view of an angel who was actually there to witness it! (Well, as … read more.

“Can’t Hide Beautiful,” Rev. Tony Larsen

We will be celebrating the Hindu Festival of Lights known as “Divali”–which is something like a combination of Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, New Year, and the 4th of July. (The actual date that Divali starts on is November 14th, the day before this Sunday.)

Hinduism teaches that … read more.