UCN Board Meeting Minutes – February 2021

February Board Minutes

February 18, 2021 Leadership Board Minutes

Present: Ed Ahrenhoerster, Sherryl Andrus, Kristin Gasser, Rosa Gomez, Leigh Hoftiezer, Janet Jensen, Dean Johnson, Tony Larsen, Dan Lusk, Pat Mumm-Lovely, Jackee Orozco, Gerry Schmitz, Julie Zumach

Unavailable: Brian Monroe

Call to Order 6:30 PM: For Opening Words President Dan Lusk read quotes from Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King – followed by Chalice Lighting and a Check In.

Open Forum: None

Changes to and approval of January Minutes:  One change: The February election was held on the 16th rather than the 19th.  Minutes were approved as corrected.  It was mentioned that, according to Roberts Rules of Order, the minutes of a meeting should state what decisions were made rather than including “who said what” to every comment.  Noting who presents a motion, and who seconded it might be enough – with some exceptions.  Another thought was that including more details about a discussion might help future historians know better how decisions were made.

Old Business:

Finance Committee and Pledge Drive: Julie Zumach reported that 46 of 95 pledging units have been turned in so far.  We are at 60% of last year’s pledges, but a large number are expected to be turned in by the pledge drive deadline – March 25.  The Prestbys are leaving.  Mike Martin has moved away.  Finance Committee will have a preliminary budget to present at the next LB meeting.

Fundraisers: Cash Calendar was popular this year.  It provided a substantial amount ($5,004), of which $1,260 was donations.  In revenue we made $244 more than budgeted for.  Julie, Leigh, and Nancy Neuman bravely committed to organizing another online auction next year.  Another fundraiser – First Sunday Lunches – can begin again once the building reopens.

RE functions approved for this year: A subcommittee of the Reopening Subcommittee consists of Jackee, Brian Bunzel and Sheri Yelton-Mounts.  Jackee reported that the subcommittee met and developed plans for future events, taking into account safety, limited gatherings, and virus/variant situations:

  • Another sledding event now that we have more snow
  • Movie night in the sanctuary: People RSVP, bring blankets, be seated within outlined areas for safe-distancing.  Doors to be left open for good air circulation.  Five air filters.  Date TBD once Jackee hears back from parents.
  • Pet Blessing on June 13
  • Easter Egg Hunt: To be held at church a week before Easter.  Photos and videos of the children will be shown during the Easter Service.
  • Easter: The April 4 service will be a hybrid event – broadcast from church via Zoom and with a limited number of people participating in person.
  • Bonfire

Visitors at Zoom virtual services: Rosa, Dan and others of the membership Committee watch for visitors at our virtual Sunday services.  Rosa offers visitors a friendly hello through emails.

New Business:

Social Justice Committee Chair: Per UCN Bylaws Leigh Hoftiezer will step down as chair of the Social Justice Committee next year.  The Nominating Committee chaired by Brian Monroe will soon be looking into filling open positions.

Wednesday Night Worship: Tony will be presenting “A Catechism for UUs” course at WNW services in March.  It will help us, as UUs, to know how to answer typical questions we are sometimes asked: What do UUs believe about life after death?  What about Jesus?  Etc.

New Membership Subcommittee: Rosa and Tony shared news of an event coordination group (“Party Committee”) that will focus on social events to build relationships for new members, and help to cement their connection with the church.  Examples include new member dinners with LB members, after-service lunch outings, coffee house gatherings, pot luck suppers, bonfires, etc.  Some of these events might also serve as fundraisers for UCN.

Reminder – Lyn Gust: Bad weather or other unanticipated events may require Lyn to work from home.  Be sure to call first to know if she in the office.

Committee Reports: Reports were sent out in advance.

Last Minute Additions: Payment and a contract for virtual assistant Alex Tatterson was discussed.  Because his hours vary considerably from week to week, it was suggested that at some point in the future Alex be paid an hourly rate with a cap rather than a weekly rate (currently $115/service).  Tracking his hours would help to determine an average rate of payment.  Dan will work with Sherryl and Pete Blain to create a letter of agreement for Alex, with input from Kristin Gasser.  Producing videos for such events as memorial services or bar mitzvahs is paid for by the person or family hosting the event.

This past year Jackee has managed the once/month virtual intergenerational services.  When services start again at church, the plan is for them to be hybrid (in person and virtual).  Jackee will be with the youth downstairs, and unable to run Zoom video upstairs.  This raises the question of who will manage the upstairs Zoom equipment?  Another question: What if Alex gets a better job and is no longer able to provide his services to us?  Ways of dealing with them will be looked into.

Update on Membership Numbers: A question was asked about the current number of adults and young people at UCN.  The membership posted on Facebook is at least a couple years old – 200 adults and 60 young people.  Last year UCN had 140 members and 30 youth.  Changes in membership numbers will be evident once the pledge drive is completed.  New numbers will be posted on Facebook after the pledge drive.  Churches around the country are experiencing dropping enrollments due to the pandemic.  Rosa will look through the Membership Book and report on children’s involvement at the next meeting.  Participation by the young people this year has more to do with attending family events Jackee plans than attending Sunday school classes.  Jackee stays in touch with youth of 80 families – not all of them members of the church.  Some of the older youth prefer to participate in the Our Whole Lives and Coming of Age classes, but do not necessarily attend church every week.  At the next meeting she will report on the number of young people served this current year.

Donations: The Lay Pastoral Care team headed by Dana Lusk is grateful for so many generous contributions – bringing the number up to $2,000.

Texas Storm Damage: Tony and Jackee will be in touch with the UUA about best ways for us to help Texas residents, perhaps with a special interest in helping those who are UUs.

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 1 – 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM.

Submitted by Pat Mumm-Lovely