UCN Board Meeting Minutes – May 2021

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May 5, 2021 Leadership Board Minutes
Present: Ed Ahrenhoerster, Sherryl Andrus, Rosa Gomez, Leigh Hoftiezer, Janet Jensen, Dean
Johnson, Tony Larsen, Dan Lusk, Pat Mumm-Lovely, Gerry Schmitz, Brian Monroe, Julie Zumach,
Kristin Gasser and guest/member Andrew Smith
Unavailable: Jackee Orozco
Call to Order 6:35 PM:
Opening Words President Dan Lusk Check-in, followed by Chalice Lighting.
Open Forum: None
Changes to and approval of April Minutes:
Leigh Hoftiezer requested that member’s last names be added. Dean Johnson made a motion
to approve minutes with corrections, Sherryl Andrus 2 nd . Unanimously approved with
Old Business: None
New Business:
Pat Mumm-Lovely introduced Andrew Smith and then asked him to share his ideas and
recommendations to improve our ability to communicate information to our members, friends,
visitors and prospective members. Our monthly Northliner has evolved into a weekly digital
version of a newsletter. Many articles are stale, not in the right location, too long and some are
not pertinent to activities at UCN. This causes many readers to either only glance at the
Northliner, or not even read it through. Should the Northliner be focused on topics that involve
the church and member’s interests, or are we trying to reach a larger audience? This also takes
away the value of our website and makes us look less vibrant as a church.
Andrew created a “Google submission form” that will help Lyn determine what should go into
the Northliner, our website and Facebook. The form also limits the length. Articles should be
kept short and have “to read/learn more” link that would then take the reader to our website
for the rest of the article.
Dan Lusk asked Andrew for his recommendations:
1. Use submission form and limit length of articles
2. Limit repetition (you “go blind” if it’s repeated every week) Taking it out for a week or
two and then reinserting it makes it seem new.
3. Separate newsletters for committees. Rev Tony’s “Parson to Person” article was used
as an example. Social Justice promotes many activities that take place outside of UCN.
Readers can then choose to open or ignore those newsletters.

Kristin Gasser mentioned that this what was discussed when she was on the Communication
Committee 10 years ago and that it was never implemented. She agrees that “less is more” and
supports Andrew’s recommendations. “Brilliant” commented Julie Zumach. Leigh Hoftiezer and
others also showed support. It was mentioned that Lyn Gust is concerned when board
members do not use the “submission form” and want lengthy articles put in the Northliner.
Kristin Gasser made the motion to accept Alex Smith’s three recommendations: that all
requests need to the submission form (which will limit length), limit repetition, separate
newsletters for committees. Gerry Schmitz seconded. Unanimously approved.
UCN as Polling Station 6 April:
Dan Lusk reported that all went well. No future elections in ’21.
Easter Service Update:
Dean Johnson reported that the service went well, but moving forward that we need to look at
ways to make it easier and with fewer volunteers.
Alex Tatterson’s Compensation:
Alex has signed a contract and his compensation is now calculated hourly at $14.78/hr,
compared to his original compensation of $115/service.
Emily Bunzel
Emily will be a subcontractor and not an employee. She has started and is doing a great job.
Dan Lusk to supervise.
New Board Member Training:
Dan Lusk requested that current committee chairs, trustees and officers provide a job
description/list of responsibilities that can be shared with new and incoming trustees and
Worship Committee:
Kristin Gasser recapped the three options for future Sunday services that were presented at the
recent Barn Banter.
 Option 1-Live & Interactive: This happens in real time, with virtual viewers able to
interact with people in the sanctuary. This is the hardest one to do and requires the
highest number of volunteers and thus is very labor intensive.
 Option 2-Live Stream: This happens in real time, with virtual viewers unable to interact
with people in the sanctuary. This is easier to do and requires a lower number of
volunteers and thus is not as labor intensive. No decision at this time on what platform
(YouTube, or Facebook) to live stream on.
 Option 3-Record and upload later: This does not happen in real time. Least number of
volunteers. No decision at this time on what platform (YouTube, or Facebook) to upload
on, or when viewing would be available. May require volunteer to follow up on
comments left on Facebook.

Kristin was happy with the many volunteers that came forward after the Barn Banter to take on
some of the new roles. Volunteers would not be required to join WA Committee and might only
need to volunteer once a month. These new and existing roles are outlined in our Google Docs.
Some positions may require a back up. Example, Dean Johnson has become our Technical
Coordinator. Camera operator is another new position. Ed Ahrenhoerster was concerned with
volunteer “burn out”. Finance may need to budget funds for a paid assistant for 3-4hrs/service.
Kristin recommended Lyn for this production role. Lyn is very organized, has expressed interest
and her willingness to do more.
Live services will not require Alex’s video production time. He could become a camera operator.
Finance ok with more hours for Lyn.
Dan mentioned that Option 1 is his favorite and recommended that the ViSA committee meet
with Worship to coordinate their efforts. Kristin said that she will not leave us in a lurch, but
would not want to be called on to assist past July.
Annual meeting at UCN on Schedule for Sunday 16 May:
We will need to make sure that we have enough UCN members present who are in good
standing (pledge on record and a member for the required time) for our bylaws require a
quorum of 25% or 35 members. To date Lyn has 36 registered. All will need to be fully
vaccinated. Rev Tony will keep the service short and wrap it up by 10:30am. No need for
Dan will first determine a quorum and then open the meeting. Second, Dan will have a motion
to approve the by-law amendment and take a vote. Three, Dan will end meeting, and then
reopening the meeting to include those who are attending virtually. Leigh tested the hybrid set
up in the Fellowship Hall if attendees exceed the safe seating limit upstairs and she offered to
cover downstairs if needed. Kristin as the remote Zoom host and parliamentarian will instruct
virtual attendees how to vote. Gerry Schmitz will be co-host in the sanctuary and Rosa Gomez
will be our remote backup host.
Safe Opening Committee:
Leigh mentioned that with recent CDC guidelines, Brian Bunzel will have safe seating for 67
people. Pre-registered members will be asked to complete our “Health Form” and sign our
waiver before arriving to speedup the check-in process. Masks will be required and we will have
extra. Lyn mentioned to Dan that it would be nice to have a “Welcome Back” banner.
Lyn’s Vacation:
Dan mentioned that Lyn will be taking the Wednesdays off in June and one full week in July.
Dan has worked out a schedule with Peggy Creer and himself to cover those days that Lyn is on
No additional Committee updates from Pat Mumm-Lovely and Dean Johnson

Social Justice Committee Chair: .
No addition to written report.
Minister’s Report:
No addition to written report.
No addition to written report.
Religious Education:
No written report prior to meeting.
Finance Committee: & Treasurer’s Report:
Sherryl Andrus had provided the March report, but not able to provide a current report due
information hold up from our accountant.
8:10 Sherryl made the motion to adjourn, Gerry 2 nd motion carried
Next Meeting: Thursday, June 17th – 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM.
Respectfully Submitted by Brian Monroe