“Yard Sale of the Mind,” Lay-Led

Do you have beliefs or attitudes that one day were meaningful and now have evolved or been rejected? Would you like to sell one or give it away at our Yard Sale of the Mind?  In this service we’ll air brief videos (1-3 minutes) from “sellers,” … read more.

“BeeVangelism, Spreading the Buzz,” Charlie Koenen

What lessons can we learn from nature’s principal pollinators? What are the bees trying to tell us? Why does it matter?

Charlie Koenen is involved in pollinator advocacy and education as director of BeeVangelists, creator of a vented top-bar beekeeping system, Milwaukee County Parks Beekeeper and now, … read more.

“Source Five: Humanist Teachings,” Rev. Tony Larsen

In this fifth Tony’s series on our 6 UU sources, Tony will explore

“Humanist teachings

which counsel us to heed the guidance of reason

and the results of science,

and warn us against idolatries of the mind and spirit.”

Interestingly, you don’t always see “humanism” capitalized; nor do you usually … read more.