“What Jesus Said About Homosexuality,” Rev. Tony Larsen

June 7    “What Jesus Said About Homosexuality”

At our annual LGBTQ Sunday service, we will celebrate our rainbow diversity and Tony’s sermon will explore the biblical references to homosexuality. You may be surprised by how few there are, and what they may have meant in … read more.

“Are You Really Listening?” Julie Zumach

Do you talk more than you listen?  What would happen to your relationships if you listened with empathy to understand the other’s perspective rather than feeling the need to agree or disagree? Imagine connecting with others in ways that bridge disagreements, heal and/or deepen relationships, … read more.

 “Not Bad Dad,” Rev. Tony Larsen

Tony will speak about what he has learned about the ups and downs of parenthood from his own dad–including not just what to do, but what not to do. “In the beginning,” he says, “I thought I had been short-changed in the dad department. Now … read more.