Ceremonies at Unitarian Church North

“Life is a gift for which we are grateful. We gather in community to celebrate the glories and the mysteries of this great gift.”            

— Marjorie Montgomery (from reading 452 in the UU Hymnal).

At Unitarian Church North, we gather in community to mark life’s milestones with ceremony.


Unitarian Universalists bless heterosexual and homosexual unions. The ceremonies are personal and are planned with clergy to reflect the spiritual beliefs of the couple.

Freedom has been and still is a basic principle underlying the beliefs and practices of Unitarian Universalists.  Without dogma or required rituals, the ministers and members of Unitarian Universalist churches have encouraged the creation of ceremonies to celebrate the great occasions of life that will be as meaningful as possible to the participants.  The marriage service is one of the most important of these.  Because couples are asked to make a lifetime commitment, they should have a good deal to say about the ceremony symbolizing that commitment. Vows shared are written by the couple or selected from our wedding resource book, where couples often find vows that reflect their feelings about one another and the commitment they are making to each other.

A typical ceremony might include the following parts; but with the exception of the Affirmation of Intentions and the Pronouncement, any of the parts may be eliminated, and others may be added: Affirmation of Intentions; Poems or Readings (from any tradition or no tradition); Vows; Giving of Ring(s); Pronouncement; Prayer or Meditation; Closing Words or Benediction.

“…The hand offered by each of you is an extension of self, just as is your mutual love. Cherish the touch, for you touch not only your own but another life. Be ever sensitive to its pulse. Seek always to understand and respect its rhythm…”