Intergenerational Services

Scheduled throughout the year are Sunday services that are designed to include children of all ages and their families. Age-appropriate activities and participation will help all participants to have a memorable experience working with UCN members in our caring community, as well as learning more about their own values and questions.

Ingathering/Water Communion

The first Sunday of the new church year and an important and exciting time to come together as a spiritual community. Please bring a small amount of water from those special places that have refreshed or challenged your spirit. We will celebrate each other and our community by ceremoniously mingling these waters in a creative way.

Day of the Dead Celebration

Come build a Day of the Dead Altar for our congregation. Bring a photo, a keepsake or other remembrance of someone you wish to honor. With the help of our children we will build up an altar and have the chance to share songs and stories.

Honoring Other Faith Traditions

Throughout the year, UCN Sunday services honor important holidays of other world faith traditions. One purpose of these explorations is to inform us about what other faiths believe and honor, expanding our awareness of world religions. And by learning of other traditions, we can continue to reflect on our own traditions and values, and increase our opportunity and ability to be tolerant and accepting that others do not necessarily share our beliefs.

Fire Communion  

We reflect on the year that has just passed, and look forward to the hope of a new year. The congregation invited to participate in a ceremony to let go of the past year.