If you are a visitor or newcomer, please feel free to introduce yourself so we may welcome you and answer any questions.

Attend Sunday Services & other programs, which will give you the opportunity to meet UCN members and experience a variety of perspectives by which Unitarian Universalists view the world and our role in it.

Explore Unitarian Universalism’s history and beliefs through the resources at uua.org and ucnorth.org. The book “A Chosen Faith” by John Buehrens and Forrest Church is a useful introduction to Unitarian Universalism.

Attend UCN’s PATHWAY TO MEMBERSHIP class, which is offered at least twice a year. The class consists of two sessions of 1-1/2 hours, usually held after Sunday services. Participants will be provided with information about UU history and beliefs, the practicalities of finances and time commitments for the church, the variety of services held through the year, and the social justice priorities of UCN.

To become a member, you are required to make a financial pledge as your commitment to supporting the church; there is no required amount for a pledge, but any amount you can afford and sustain.

Sign the Membership Book to complete your path to becoming a member of UCN.

We welcome you to our caring community!