This Sunday

“The Wisdom of Marx,” Rev. Tony Larsen

To celebrate the 130th anniversary of Groucho Marx’s birthday October 2, 1890, Tony’s sermon will examine the spirituality there may be in laughter and humor–including that of Groucho Marx.  (Wait a minute. Did you think, from the title, that this sermon would be on Karl … read more.


“You want to support a Unitarian Universalist Church because it stands against
superstition and fear. Because it points to what is noblest and best in human life.

You want to support it because it is a place where children can come without being
saddled with guilt or terrified of some ‘celestial peeping tom’;
where they can learn that religion is for joy, for comfort, for gratitude and love.

You want to support a Unitarian Universalist Church because it searches for the holy, rather than dwells upon the depraved. Because it calls no one sinner, yet knows how deep is the struggle and how great is the hunger for what is good.

You want to support a Unitarian Universalist Church because it can laugh.
And because it insults neither your intelligence nor your conscience,
and because it calls you to worship what is truly worthy of your sacrifice.”

-the Rev. John Burton Wolf (UU minister)

I joined UCN because I longed for a community of passionate people, that celebrated diversity of all types and worked to create a more just world for all. I have become much more engaged over the years because the people of UCN inspire me to greatness and Sunday morning feeds my soul, grounds me and energizes my spirit.

Growing up, it bothered me that I was ‘taught’ what to believe and told to memorize and recite those beliefs (Nicene Creed, etc.). It seemed such an inauthentic way to express a person’s deep spiritual beliefs. College exposure to world religions and philosophy reinforced those feelings. At UCN I found a place where I can question and explore freely in community with other seekers who are committed to ethical living.