As Unitarian Universalists, we work for social justice to create a compassionate, diverse, and equitable world.

What we do with our UU beliefs, how we act on our principles in the world, is the truest measure of our faith.

Indigenous Peoples’ Rights

At UCN Sunday Services and formal gatherings, we often include in our opening welcome the acknowledgement that in the 1700s and early 1800s, the Potawatomi and Ho Chunk Indigenous People occupied the land where we built United Church North. Native Land, an Indigenous-led nonprofit in Canada with an interactive website allows users to input their address and see the Indigenous territories, languages and treaties pre-dating European colonization in the area where they now live.

As Unitarian Universalists, we support the struggles of Native peoples for racial and economic justice. A decade ago, the UUA took a stance against the past and current impacts of the Doctrine of Discovery, an historic international law that allowed Europeans to kill non-Christian peoples and take their land.

Our Social Justice Efforts

Unitarian Church North

Fund for Social Justice

Unitarian Church North
Fund for Social Justice

UCN’s Fund for Social Justice (FSJ) was started by UCN members’ donations in 2000, and is managed by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. The interest income this Fund earns is donated annually to a non-profit, charitable organization in the Greater Milwaukee area. Any UCN member may nominate a recipient, by downloading and returning the Nomination Form.


Agapé Fund

Agapé Fund

UCN’s Finance Committee gifted the Social Justice Committee with 10% of the church’s cash reserves, after safely managing church finances through the Covid pandemic, and demonstrating confidence in the work of the SJC. The Committee chose the name Agapé Fund, which in Greek means selfless love. Click the button below for a chronological list of donations made from the Agapé fund. 

 Agapé Fund Donations Spreadsheet (Coming Soon!)

Food Barrel

Donations of non-perishable food items are welcome from all members at anytime, in the food barrel located in the UCN South lobby on the main floor. Social Justice Committee members deliver donations to the designated food bank in the area. UCN has participated in this community activity for nearly 30 years.

Faith in Action