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Unitarian Universalist (UU) children’s programs build resilience, and encourage children to connect with their own quest for purpose and meaning. Kids learn respect for others and respect for themselves. They experience spiritual practices and learn ways to center themselves, by taking a few deep breaths, giving thanks before they eat a meal, or looking up at the stars in wonder.

For all grade levels, our programs create peer connections and genuine friendships across differences. UUA’s different programs nurture children’s ethics, UU identify, knowledge of other religions, and include social justice projects. Parents and families are included.

Lifespan learning engages adults in occasional series’ for a set number of sessions, on topics of general interest, such as religions of the Middle East. Most recently these programs are virtual, on Zoom.

UU 7 Principles
Youth Version

Decisions at UCN are made by a vote of all the members, in keeping with our Principle #5 to respect the democratic process in conducting church business.

We start with what we call “Barn Banter,” an open discussion in our 8-sided barn church sanctuary. All have a turn to speak while the rest of us listen, and all ideas are recorded. On some topics, members may be in strong agreement. On others, not so much, and more time is needed for a consensus to develop.

In searching for a new Director of Religious Education, a Barn Banter was held to gather opinions about the future of RE at UCN. Those opinions have been transcribed, and a Committee is now meeting to consider next steps.

As part of our youth Religious Education program, high school students may choose to participate in the year-long Coming of Age program. This program enables youth to develop their personal beliefs and deepen their Unitarian Universalist faith through study and reflection, workshops, retreats and social action/community service projects.

Each participant is paired with a mentor who helps guide his/her self-discovery over the course of the year. The program culminates in a special church service, where youth who choose to do so may share their spiritual journey with the congregation. At this point the Coming of Age youth may sign the church membership book and enjoy the voting privileges that membership confers.