Share the Plate is a UCN program to support non-profit charitable organizations whose humanitarian and social justice goals reflect our UU principles.

July and August, 2023

This on-going program, managed by the Social Justice Committee, shares half of the cash offertory donations collected both at Sunday services and on UCN's PayPal account with humanitarian and social justice programs in the greater Milwaukee community, other Wisconsin communities, nationally and internationally. Donations by check with "Share the Plate" in the memo line are split with the regular offertory collection. On our website,, you can donate using PayPal or Breeze. The Northliner also contains a QR code to scan for making a donation. Each recipient receives funds collected over a 2-month period. Candidates are nominated by a member or friend of the congregation, then approved by our Social Justice Committee.

The recipient for July and August is the International Justice Mission, or IJM. Information about their programs and services is available at IJM is a global humanitarian organization that works to combat human trafficking of children and women as well as police abuse of people who are marginalized and poor. Working in 15 countries, IJM works to rescue and restore victims, hold perpetrators accountable, and help strengthen public justice systems. Thank you for your generosity.


Nomination forms are available on the table outside the office.

Most Recent Recipients

September 6, 2022

Share the Plate: July & August 2022

In late June, the first bipartisan gun safety legislation in 26 years — the “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” — was passed by the U.S. Senate and House and signed by […]
September 1, 2022

Share the Plate: September & October 2022

UCN’s Share the Plate for Sept. and Oct. is the Ozaukee County Jail’s Literacy Program, a non-profit that teaches literacy, GED preparation, and life skills...
April 27, 2022

Share the Plate: May & June 2022

The Wisconsin Black Historical Society & Museum in Milwaukee is UCN’s Share the Plate recipient for May and June 2022. The Society’s founder, Clayborn Benson III, gave UCN’s Sunday sermon […]

All Share The Plate Donations

UCN's Share the Plate Program was established in 2008 to help organizations doing social justice work, not just in our area, but around the world. It has been a tremendously successful endeavor. Half of the offertory is donated each collection period to the designated organization. The spreadsheet link below will take you to a 2 page document that lists past donation totals to each organization chronologically and alphabetically.

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How will you Share The Plate?


Any UCN member may nominate an organization for Share the Plate by downloading the Nomination Form.