Share the Plate is a UCN program to support non-profit charitable organizations whose humanitarian and social justice goals reflect our UU principles.

July and August, 2024

Share the Plate Update

Peace Learning Center is the Share the Plate recipient for July and August.

For more than 20 years the Peace Learning Center, located in Milwaukee, has shared the seeds of conflict resolution techniques and healthy communication skills with MPS students and other community groups. Children come to PLC to experience and practice peace building tools, to foster community in their classroom, to enhance communication among peers and to practice how to de-escalate conflict in healthy ways when it arises at school, in their neighborhoods, and at home.

Peace Learning center will receive half of the cash and checks from the offering plates during July and August. When donating by check, please write Share The Plate (or STP) on the memo line. On our website,, you can donate by using PayPal. As always, thank you for your continued support of the many programs STP has sponsored.

Nomination forms are available on the table outside the office.

All Share The Plate Donations

UCN's Share the Plate Program was established in 2008 to help organizations doing social justice work, not just in our area, but around the world. It has been a tremendously successful endeavor. Half of the offertory is donated each collection period to the designated organization. The spreadsheet link below will take you to a 2 page document that lists past donation totals to each organization chronologically and alphabetically.

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How will you Share The Plate?


Any UCN member may nominate an organization for Share the Plate by downloading the Nomination Form.